Neighbours ending ‘sealed’ – Paul Robinson dead and ‘it was all a dream’ theory

Beloved Australian soap Neighbours will come to an end on August 1, 2022 after 37 years on our TV screens – But how will it all end?

Many fans have taken to social media and forums to discuss the possible endings, as Neighbours bosses keep plans for the finale close to their chests.

Speaking about the final episode, Jemma Donovan, whose character Harlow Robinson left Erinsborough for good this week told The Mirror: "I know our fans are going to be blown away by what is being planned for the finale, very celebratory … but that’s all I’m saying for the moment!"

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As speculation continues to grow about the final episode, Daily Star has taken a look at fan theories about how Neighbours will end.

Kylie and Jason are the final scene

As reported by Metro, a script for the final episode of Neighbours was recently leaked, with some of the details published on the site Popb***h.

According to the leaked script, the last scene of the final episode will feature Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan's characters Charlene and Scott Robinson driving into Ramsay Street.

They then step out the car, with Charlene saying: "We're home."

However, no details from the final episode have been confirmed and both Metro and Popb***h have stated that the leaked details may be a decoy to throw viewers off what might happen in the end.

Despite this, fans have already had their suspicions that Kylie and Jason will feature in the soap's final scenes, with one saying on a fan forum: "I still assumed the final scene would be Kylie and Jason turning up on the street.

"Kylie however mentioned Jane and Harold in an interview today, so perhaps she shares a few scenes with others."

Another added: "From what we know, it sounds like Scott and Charlene might have only filmed one scene. I don't expect them to be involved in any ongoing storylines. They will literally be in the final episode."

Although it does seem possible that Kylie and Jason will only play a part in the soaps final moments, many fans are hoping for a longer cameo – and even a sweet nod to their music stardom.

One fan said: "I hope the rumours aren't true. If not, Jason and Kylie will have little more than a couple of lines at the very end of the final episode."

Another also made reference to Karl Kennedy actor Alan Fletcher's music career too away from the soap, adding: "I'd love for there to be a scene where Karl talks to Charlene about his music!"

The finale will centre around Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson has been one of Neighbours longest serving characters, but his life on Ramsay Street has been far from easy.

From his insurance schemes (including blowing up Lassisters Pub), to his failed romance with Terese and son Robert Robinson trying to murder him, Paul Robinson has been at the centre of some of the soap's biggest plotlines.

Many fans have theorised on social media forums that the plot of the final episode will fittingly revolve around Paul Robinson too – with some suggesting that the character might redeem himself at last.

One thing is clear though – many fans do not think his character should be back with Terese.

"I would like to see him happy with his kids at the end of the show though. Definitely not with Terese," said one fan.

Another said: "Paul is one of the original characters. It's fitting that he should be in the final scene. I'd like to see him having a redemption arc but finding out it's too late."

However some fans do not think it would be fitting for Paul to redeem himself in the final episode, with a third adding: "I don't want all Paul's children (except Robert probably) turning up to give him an intervention and the show acting like that will mean anything, because countless interventions over the years haven't changed him at all."

One fan suggested that perhaps Paul leaves the street with other members of the Robinson family who are returning for the final episode, saying: "He leaves with Scott and Charlene to go and live on their street with all their family members.

"Question mark over whether he's a changed man or if this is just the start of the next 20 years of Paul Shenanigans for a new set of Neighbours."

However, another viewer went even further to suggest that the Ramsay Street residents have had enough of Paul and that they all leave, which would not be surprising given his feuds with most of Erinsborough in the past.

One fan said: "Paul sells Lassiters and buys the whole of Ramsay Street. Everyone moves out in protest. The final shot is Paul standing alone in the middle of the street as a solitary tear runs down his face."

Paul Robinson is killed off

With many fans theorising that the finale will centre around Paul Robinson, there were many suggestions that the character will infact be killed off in the last episode.

Paul Robinson has made many enemies throughout his years on the soap, so it would be no surprise that one character finally kills him. Could it be his son Robert Robinson after the famous plotline where his plan to kill his father failed?

While viewers will have to wait and see if Paul Robinson is killed off, one huge hint that there could be funeral in the soap is the huge amount of returning cast members that are linked to the character.

"Most of the returning characters have a connection to Paul. I'd say it's going to be his funeral or vow renewal with Therese," said one fan.

Another said: "I'm starting to think more that they might kill off Paul."

Looking at the range of characters coming back for the finale that may have had a feud with Paul Robinson in the past, it seems more and more likely that Paul's days might be numbered.

Fans seems to agree too, with a third comparing the ensemble cast to the Marvel universe.

They said: "At this point with so many characters coming in from all over, I can only imagine that it is going to be like Avengers: Endgame – cast from all over the universe come together to defeat Paul Robinson."

Lou Carpenter dies

When Neighbours producers released a photograph of the cast from the final day of filming, many familiar faces were present including Harold Ramsay.

However one character was not present – Lou Carpenter.

Lou Carpenter was at the centre of the famous Harold and Madge love triangle, before solving his differences with Harold and leaving Ramsay Street in 2015 – but the character has not been seen since.

His disappearance from the final photograph has led some fans to think that maybe the character has died and that his funeral will be at the centre of the last episode.

One fan said: "How about if they killed off Lou? He could only appear for a couple of episodes in bed but wants to have a big funeral in Erinsborough. It would facilitate a lot of returns."

A second also agreed, saying: "They could even have him die off screen then reveal that he wanted his funeral in Erinsborough."

It was all a dream

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Nothing is off the cards in soapland, and many other TV dramas including Crossroads have all reached their final episodes with the same revelation – it was all a dream.

It would be no surprise then if after 37 years, the highs and lows of Erinsborough all turned out to be one big dream.

Fans have even suggested this could be the case too – and the culprit who dreamt it all up? It's none other than Paul Robinson.

One fan said: "Turns out Paul got sucked into an alternate dimension when he saw his dad in a Christmas bauble and everything since has been a weird dream."


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