Naga Munchetty labels Carol Kirkwood ‘frosty’ after feud rumour

BBC Weather: Naga comments on Carol Kirkwood's outfit

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Her meteorologist co-star, Carol Kirkwood, is also a well-known face from the programme, and the two occasionally share jokey exchanges. On Thursday’s show though, Naga Munchetty called her colleague “frosty” in an awkward exchange after Carol had presented the day’s weather to BBC viewers. It comes as fans of the show have picked up on “tension” between the pair.

Carol was all smiles as she informed viewers what they can expect from in the latest weather forecast.

Sporting a navy blue dress against a cool backdrop as she explained the icy winds would remain, Naga took a light-hearted swipe as she commented on Carol’s outfit.

After describing the “freezing fog,” that would be hitting parts of the UK, Carol concluded her report by stating: “It’s going to be another cold night.

“Maybe the risk of ice and once again, a widespread frost.”

She added: “But Charlie [Stayt] and Naga, things for most look like they’re going to turn a bit milder as we go through the weekend.”

“You’re perfectly matched to the weather today, aren’t you?” Naga commented immediately after.

She continued: “Like… frosty,” as Carol turned to the screen behind her to check.

“Thank you, Naga,” she responded awkwardly before laughing. “That is more good luck than good planning, I have to say.”

“It looks lovely,” Naga remarked kindly before thanking her co-star.

It comes after Carol addressed claims she and Naga don’t always get on, as the 60-year-old insisted their jibes are simply “banter”.

Speaking to The Sun, she said she and Naga “absolutely” get on well.

Carol added: “I love Naga and we just have banter. I love the camaraderie between us and everyone. It’s a good, fun job.”

Her comments came as viewers occasionally question whether the two BBC Breakfast stars clash when they make remarks to each other.

It seems the weather presenter shares a similar relationship with most of her BBC colleagues, though.

Earlier this week, she appeared to roll her eyes as Jon Kay aimed a joke at her.

As part of the special 40th-anniversary edition, the stars were looking back at some of the original episodes and archive footage.

After a weather update from Carol, Jon stated: “You’re going to give us a bit of a retro forecast later!”

“Oh yes – Francis Wilson is going to be here!” she replied excitedly.

“Yes, the Francis Wilson!” Sally Nugent repeated, referring to one of the first weather forecasters on the show.

Carol responded: “Yes, very much like that. I can’t wait, and he’s got his jumper on as well.”

“You can’t wait because he gives you a bit of a rest!” Jon assumed.

Laughing, a stunned Carol gasped: “Jon!” as she rolled her eyes at her colleague.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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