‘Money’s got to come from somewhere!’ Edwina Currie defends PM’s National Insurance u-turn

Edwina Currie defends National Insurance hikes

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Edwina left Good Morning Britain hosts Ed Balls and Susanna Reid stunned as she explained “there’s never a good time” to make an increase on taxes. However, she pointed out the money to run the country “has to come from somewhere”.

Edwina began: “Everyone hates paying tax. There is never a good time, never a good time to put it up.

“But, I think if the pandemic has revealed anything it’s that we really need to put a lot more money into social care and not just one year, but repeatedly.

“Also we’ve got a big backlog in the NHS. The pandemic has meant that a great deal of normal routine stuff hasn’t happened which means it’s more serious, more life threatening, and we want very much to do that.

“It’s expensive. If we’re going to pay the people that do this extraordinary work well and raise their status and their training and so on, the money’s got to come from somewhere,” she said.

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