Married at First Sight UK’s Jordon admits he had sweat patches on ‘overwhelming’ lead-up to wedding

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Until now, Married At First Sight UK hasn’t been known for making lasting love matches.

After five series, only one couple is still together, with Michelle and Owen from last year’s run celebrating their first anniversary earlier this year.

Though the British version of the ultimate dating show was a good watch, it was nothing like the high drama in the Aussie version.Down under the newlyweds all move into the same apartment block and attend weekly dinner parties famous for their wild antics, with accusations and insults flying.

Now, the UK show has looked to Australia for inspiration, and we’ll watch eight couples over 21 episodes, from their first meeting at the altar to the honeymoon, before they all move into the same place and watch each other’s marriages flourish or flounder.

In an exclusive chat, we catch up with one of the brave singletons hoping to find their happy ever after on TV…

So tell us a little bit about you, Jordon…

I’m single, obviously. I’m 27 and from Cardiff. I’m half-Jamaican, half-Welsh and I’m a personal trainer. I love helping people, but I don’t seem to be helping myself in my love life.

What made you apply to take part in Married At First Sight?

I’ve come on this show because every avenue I’ve tried just isn’t working. I’m 30 soon and you only live once, so I don’t see why you wouldn’t take an opportunity like this. It isn’t the most normal way of meeting someone, but then I’m not really a normal guy anyway. It’s exciting, different and spontaneous.

What kind of things do you look for in a perfect partner?

Attractive looks, of course – you’ve got to be attracted to somebody, otherwise you’re just friends. But I’m hoping she’ll be my friend as well as a partner.

Marrying a stranger… are you excited, nervous?

I was nervous, but I’ve had an awful lot of time to think about it. I’ve felt overwhelmed and had sweat patches – but now I’m ready. I’m here to do it. If I was feeling nervous, I wouldn’t be here. On the day, I will be s******g myself to say the least, but I’m looking forward to it. I hope she likes me too.

How did your family and friends react when you told them?

My friends said that I never fail to surprise them. My nan almost had a heart attack, but she was keeping it in. She’s like my best friend and I didn’t expect anything less. She would always support me even if she didn’t agree with my decision.

What are you most looking forward to about this process? The stag, wedding, honeymoon?

I’m looking forward to meeting her – that feeling is going to be the most exciting of the whole process. To see her reaction to me is going to be interesting. I’m really excited for the honeymoon, too. It’s one-to-one time, which is going to be less intense, and we’re going to have a proper chance at getting to know each other in a less pressure-cooker basis. That week is what I’m looking forward to the most.

How do you think you’ll react when you first see your partner at the end of the aisle?

That depends on if I’m attracted to her. If I’m not attracted to her straight away, it’s going to be a long day. Well, actually, it’s going to be a long process!

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Married at First Sight continues Monday – Thursday at 9pm on Channel 4

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