Marlon distraught as he struggles with his speech after stroke in Emmerdale

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) will face his first meeting with a speech therapist following his stroke in Emmerdale, but he’s devastated to realise just how difficult communication is going to be as his recovery begins.

The aftermath of Marlon’s stroke is impacting a variety of villagers in many ways.

For Paddy (Dominic Brunt), he’s struggling to cope with his best pal’s life changing event and buckles under the pressure when the family gathers together to send Marlon a video.

Meanwhile, in hospital, Marlon meets his speech therapist who begins the session by asking Marlon to speak small, easy words.

However, Marlon agonisingly struggles to form the phrases, leaving Rhona (Zoe Henry) gutted as she watches her partner become upset over his progress.

When Rhona pushes a stubborn Marlon a little too hard, the nurse takes her aside and gently advises Rhona to put a little less pressure on him.

With Rhona at a low ebb, can Paddy help?

Perhaps support from his best friend will help Marlon?

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