How to plan a Bridgeterton-esque wedding – tips from the experts

After season one of Bridgerton dropped, suddenly Regencycore was all the rage.

And we can definitely see why – between the massive success of the show and the sheer romance of the aesthetic, there’s lots to love about it.

Regency-esque styles are also inherently suitable for weddings, what with the classic grandeur of it all.

For anyone looking to Bridgerton for inspiration, the Cairn Hotel Group has teamed up with three wedding planners from its hotels to offer some top tips on how to style a top tier Regencycore wedding.

Pick a classic venue

First things first – if you want a Regency-core wedding, you probably shouldn’t opt for a modern venue.

‘We love that couples are taking inspiration from the Bridgerton trend as it’s a style so classic and lends itself perfectly to weddings,’ said Jenna Young and Deborah Allen, wedding co-ordinators at Redworth Hall Hotel in County Durham.

‘When it comes to venues, choose a location that embodies the Regency-era with a grand ballroom feel and traditional fixtures such as beautiful chandeliers and window fittings.’

Go big on pastel florals

The pair love the flowers we saw during the wedding of Daphne and the Duke.

It’s also worth pointing out that a huge amount of flowers were absolutely everywhere during the last party of season one, during which the pair romantically danced and made up.

‘As we all look back on Daphne and Simon’s wedding, one thing springs to mind – flowers,’ said Jenna and Deborah.

‘Don’t be afraid to go over the top with your floral arrangements but keep them delicate and pastel in colour for an elegant-yet-understated look.

‘For a true Bridgerton inspired feel, decorate your venue with beautiful falling wisteria.’

Consider a Regency blue colour scheme

Aptly enough, a bit of Regency blue will go a long way towards driving the theme home.

Tracey Heyes, wedding coordinator at Stoke Place Hotel in Slough, suggests: ‘Regency blue was such a signature colour for this period, and it’s a colour that looks so gorgeous when incorporated into a wedding ceremony or reception.

‘Try incorporating this into your tablescape by adding blue linens or pastel candleholders and jewel-toned tableware.

‘You could also hire a calligrapher to create your order of service and some stunning handwritten place cards for your tables to bring the Bridgerton-inspired storytelling to life.’

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Opt for a string quartet

Classic and romantic, the music of a string quartet will really help set the Regency scene.

On top of that, you can always ask that they cover modern songs, just like we saw in the show.

‘One of the things that stood out to me in season one of Bridgerton was the fantastic soundtrack and bringing classical music into the modern world,’ said Jasmin Verity, wedding coordinator at Elmbank Hotel in York.

‘String quartets are extremely popular for weddings, so why not take inspiration from the show and pick a musical accompaniment that can put a modern twist on the classics.

‘Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they notice their favourite pop songs performed so beautifully.’

Have a grand multi-tiered cake

If you’ve got the budget, a big, opulent cake will fit the theme to a T.

‘The regency era was known for its decadent feasts and desserts, so why not incorporate this tradition into your reception?’ suggested Jasmin.

‘While minimalism has been on-trend in recent years, why not throw the rulebook out and opt for a multi-tiered cake to wow your guests.

‘This could include intricate detailing and personal touches for something a bit more special.’

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