Love Island’s Dami ‘irritated’ as Indiyah calls him wrong name again

Love Island heartthrob Dami Hope was left fuming on Thursday night after his partner Indiyah Polack once again managed to accidentally call him by love rival Deji Adeniyi’s name.

The 23 year old waitress made the gaffe as the two cuddled up together in bed, a move which understandably left Dami feeling far from impressed.

Expressing his irritation at the situation the Dublin based microbiologist told his fellow boys about the incident as they sat down for a heart to heart together in the Majorcan sunshine.

Dami said: "Yesterday I was in bed with Indiyah. She was chatting to me and telling me this story, and then she said 'oh me and Deji' "

Shocked by the revelation, Adam Collard couldn't hide his astonishment as he quickly quipped: "She said it again?!"

To which Dami replied: "Yeah. In bed!"

Speaking about the mistake in the beach hut later, Indiyah justified her actions as she said: "Okay, I called him the wrong name twice, so I should make it up to him, but I feel like we've kind of just made up already, y'know?

"We had a nice time again last night, but maybe it's time for me to just…reciprocate a little bit more."

Despite Dami’s displeasure at the repeated mistake, fans at home were loving the exchange with several left in stitches at how frequent an occurrence it was becoming.

Reacting to the cringeworthy mistake, one fan wrote: "Indiyah calling Dami Deji not once but TWICE is killing me."

A second also agreed as they commented: “It’s just too funny how Indiyah has called Dami Deji twice now.”

While a third shared their own tongue in cheek theory as they commented: “If Indiyah calls Dami Deji one more time it’s gotta be a all/ code she’s making to the outside. “

A fourth even speculated: ”I feel like Indiyah is probably gonna call Dami by Deji's name again, cos now it's become a thing, it's in her head even more.”

Not everyone was quite so amused however with one viewer at home suggesting that Dami wasn’t where Indiyah’s heart truly lay as they commented: “Why does Indiyah keep calling Dami Deji? She must be thinking about him…”

"Indiyah sis that's the sign that you and Deji was supposed to be together,” commented another fan.

Another fan also shared a similar sentiment as they questioned: ”Does Indiyah secretly like Deji?? This is 2nd time she called Dami ‘Deji’."

Following her mistake, Indiyah tried to make amends by cooking Dami breakfast, but that plan was soon derailed as Deji also asked her if she could make him some eggs at the same time – a request she actually ended up honouring, much to Dami’s chagrin.

Will their romance get back on track?

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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