Love Island fans spot 'red flags' as Danny turns on Lucinda mocking her voice and pieing her in the face

LOVE Island's Danny Bibby turned on Lucinda Strafford again last night by mocking her voice and pieing her in the face during a challenge.

Viewers claimed they spotted more red flags after Danny warned her the night before "don't mug me off" as Aaron Francis tried to graft her.

Pulling her up for a stern chat in Sunday's episode Danny issued a frank warning as he told the Brighton beauty – who was struggling to decide who she liked more between him and Aaron: "I don't want to invest my time if you're not feeling it, I'll crack on elsewhere.

"My worst fear is you just mugging me off, because I've got a lot of pride.

"I feel like if someone mugs me off then game on, it's like the worst thing you can do."

His warning came despite Lucinda turning down a kiss from Aaron moments before.

Viewers were then left shocked again as they watched Danny trashing Lucinda to Liam and Jake – because she hadn't reassured him she wouldn't get to know Aaron.

When the boys asked Danny about coupling up with Lucinda, he impersonated her, saying: "Well I asked her, 'if you wasn't in a couple, who do you see yourself gravitating towards?' and she replied 'well I don't know really. Erm. Yeah. Erm'."

Later in a game of Snog, Marry, Pie, Danny walked past Lucinda and said "you've ignore me all day so…" before grabbing AJ for a snog.

He picked Millie to marry and pied Lucinda, telling her "treat them mean keep them keen".

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People at home were disgusted by his disrespectful behaviour.

One said: "Danny impersonating Lucinda is vile. WE are allowed to make fun of her voice but YOU?"

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Another said: "Wait not Danny imitating Lucinda’s voice and he talks like that??? Bye"

And one more fumed: "Danny taking the p**s out of Lucinda's voice and then pieing her is just pure disrespect. What a w****r."

And more said: "Danny making fun of Lucinda’s voice behind her back making me want to vom"

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