Love Island fans slam Medhi as ‘scary and aggressive’ after tense chat with Whitney | The Sun

LOVE Island viewers slammed Mehdi Edno for his behaviour towards partner Whitney Adebayo following last night's tense chat.

The couple had become an early favourite with fans of the show, but public opinion now appears to be turning against the Frenchman as he exhibits "red flags".

Some viewers claim to have spotted manipulative and controlling behaviours, highlighting the way he reacted to Whitney's mannerisms after yesterday's surprise recoupling.

He called her "disrespectful" for giggling during his speech. Whitney apologised and insisted it was just a result of her nerves.

One fan made their feelings known about his change of behaviour in an online forum.

They said: "Mehdi knew from the jump that Whitney was silly. He would always say he liked how 'fiery' she was, how she’s funny etc. Now all of the sudden, there’s this switch. Everything she does is problem.


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"During the recoupling, Whitney was giggling because she was shy. It’s basically her way of blushing!! He even knows it takes her a while for her to open up like this, so why is he acting so…stern?

"All these comments about her being 'loud' when you liked that she was fiery before? Even the whole Jess situation making it seem like she was the aggressor.

"He’s controlling and quite frankly, he’s giving me ….the narc word. And I know people are afraid of that word but this switch is SCARY."

Another fan agreed, writing: "I was liking Mehdi in the beginning, but he is screaming red flags now."

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Just days ago, viewers were concerned how Mehdi accused Whitney of making Jess cry during a confrontation between the pair, which wasn't actually the case.

Jess even pulled Mehdi for a chat in which she explained he had the wrong end of the stick, forcing him to eventually back down.

It led some to claim he was looking for a reason to end their partnership and was pedalling "false narratives".

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