Louise Minchin ‘fights back tears’ after emotional BBC Breakfast interview: ‘Set me off!’

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Louise, 52, and Dan, 43, introduced BBC Breakfast viewers to 80-year-old Paul Harvey who has become an internet sensation. The pensioner’s son asked his father to compose a piece of music from just four notes, with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra set to record his masterpiece. At the end of the interview, the presenter was left rather choked up as she heard the pianist perform live for the first time.

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Having watched Paul playing, Dan said: “That is wonderful. There’s not many of us here but we’re going to give you a round of applause.”

“That was awesome,” Louise added before her co-star said the performance was “brilliant” and it was clear she was struggling to fight back tears.

The presenter commented: “I do think you set people in the studio off in tears. I’m sure people at home are as well, thank you.”

She was then given time to recuperate but even after the headlines played out, the host was still struggling to contain her emotion.


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