Lorraine admits husband is a fan of her ‘booby dresses’

Fashion was a focal point of today's Lorraine , and the bubbly presenter was lifting the lid on which outfits her husband was a fan of.

Lorraine revealed her husband Steve liked her "booby dresses" but wasn't a fan of her "big frocks".

The 60-year-old divulged: "I like things that are really comfortable. But my Steve does not like a big dress – like a big frock – like that kind of thing."

ITV then revealed a photo of Lorraine in a high-neck leopard-print frock.

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Fashionista Jo, who was on the programme to discuss the latest clothing trends, joked: "Steve is incorrect – women love that."

Lorraine responded: "Funnily enough, he does like things like this…"

An image of Lorraine wearing a plunging dress, which showed off her cleavage then popped up on screen.

Faking surprise, Lorraine added: "I wonder why?! I can't imagine!"

"The male mind is such a mystery, Lorraine," Jo replied.

"Such a mystery," she added.

Lorraine echoed: "Such a mystery.

"But isn't it funny that we've got these styles that we like, that we feel comfortable in."

Lorraine then revealed what Steve likes her to wear if they're going out on a date night.

She divulged: "I still have this thing where if we're going out on a Saturday night in Dundee, and he says, 'Make sure you wear a booby dress'.

"But that's like always, I mean that would even be to go and walk Angus!"

Well, we think you look fabulous, "booby dress" or no booby dress, Lorraine!

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV

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