Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Katy Perry stun in bikinis paddleboarding while Orlando Bloom lets it ALL hang out

CELEBS love to make a splash . . . so it is no wonder so many, including Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston are trying their hand at paddleboarding – while Orlando Bloom lets it ALL hang out.

Expert paddleboarders Lizzie Carr – first person to stand-up paddleboard solo across the English Channel and water sport expert Dave Peek – rated each star for their posture and technique while in action.

The pair suggest to those still learning the sport to start on your knees to get a feel of the board, especially if you are at sea in choppy waters.

Stick to the center of the board to help you balance and look where you are going, not at your feet. That is easier said than done.

Here, Lizzie and Dave give each famous face a rating out of ten for their technique and give tips for boarding on the water.

Jennifer Aniston 

FRIENDS actress Jennifer, 51, proved to be a natural when she took to the water in 2008.

Lizzie says: “Jen is looking ahead, which is a No1 rule.

"Her feet are shoulder-width apart, she’s central to the board and also slightly bending her knees, which helps balance. But she’s not wearing a leash to the board.”

Rating: 7

Kim Kardashian 

WHILE Kim, 39, put maximum effort into her look, the reality is her paddleboarding skills need more work.

The KUWTK star shared a snap and opted to stay on her knees rather than get up on her feet.

Lizzie says: “Kim is kneeling too far back on the board, which will affect her balance if she were to try to stand up.

"She is also holding her paddle the wrong way round and isn’t wearing a leash.”

Rating: 4

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry 

Lord of the Rings actor Orlando, 43, caused an internet meltdown in 2016 when he was snapped naked on a paddleboard with fiancee Katy.

Dave says: “Aside from the nudity, he’s doing well considering there’s two of them on the board.

"He needs to either kneel or stand with one foot either side of the centre carrying strap. This will allow the board to perform as designed.”

Rating: 5

Lady Gaga 

THE Shallow singer, 34, didn’t look out of her depth when she tried this position in a swimming pool in 2014.

Dave says: “Impressive yoga skills here and she’s looking very comfortable and balanced.

“To make it more challenging she could try it on the sea or river.”

Rating: 8

Amanda Seyfried 

MAMMA MIA actress Amanda, 34, conquered ruff seas with her dog Finn on board in 2014.

Dave says: “She’s nailing it. Good stance and well balanced with the dog on the front!

"She just needs to put her top hand on the handle at the top, this will help her to increase her speed.”

Rating: 8

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Kylie Jenner, 23, showed off her famous curves as she shared a paddleboarding snap from her tropical vacation in May 2018.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder stunned in a black bikini while rowing on her knees as the sun set on the horizon.

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, 40, showed she is a pro at the watersport as she flaunted various one-legged yoga poses while balancing.

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan, 34, also took up the activity as she shared an adorable snap laughing as she sat on the board in a floral one-piece.

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