Kim has shattering news for Gabby in Emmerdale

Gabby (Rosie Bentham) has been working so hard to prove herself to Kim (Claire King) in Emmerdale. The promise of a successful career and a stronger hold over the Home Farm estate are both within touching distance. There’s a beautiful, young, hopeful dream right there – so let Kim Tate crush it.

Kim has made Gabby jump through hoops with the promise of a job heading up the estate while she focuses on the stud farm. Gabby’s nose was initially put out of joint when, thinking she was a shoo-in for the position, she found out she was up against Dawn (Olivia Bromley).

But hey, that was merely a challenge for our Gabby, who rose to it as best she could. Things now feel like they’re slotting into place as Dawn backs out of the race, and there is a nice hot nanny to distract Gabby as well.

Gabby can see the finish line. Dawn is sorted with the opportunity to train as a veterinary nurse with Rhona so she won’t be a problem. Things are looking sweet.

Even Nicky the nanny is able to stay on in his role after some discussions. Gabby is buoyed by recent successes and goes on to put a smile on Kim’s face when she shares an idea to modernise the business’ digital presence, once again proving her abilities. Gabby’s confidence shoots through the roof when Kim brings the company brochure over to discuss.

But it’s not the news Gabby is hoping for, in fact she’s blindsided with a devastating blow – Kim tells her it’s a no – she’s nowhere ready to run the business. In that ‘you what?!’ moment, her dream evaporates.

Gabby does not take this news well. Will she come out ready to prove herself again, or will this mean war?

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