OnlyFans model who survived Ukraine war wants to make her own ‘horror’ videogame

A Ukrainian OnlyFans model and influencer has revealed she wants to make her own videogame inspired by the countryside around her home.

Louisa Khovanski says she has been inspired to make the shift into the world of gaming after buying a house surrounded by dense forests and swamps in Ukraine.

A gamer herself, Louisa says her game will be in the 'mystical detective genre' with horror elements.

She said: "Some time after falling in love with my village and surroundings, I came up with the idea of creating a game for my audience full of adventures and relaxing country holiday atmosphere.

"It will be a visual novel, which I think will be the best format for my story."

Louisa says she finds games 'captivating'. "I love visual novels and graphic games like 'The Wolf Among Us', or horror games like 'Little Nightmares' for example.

"I don't have much experience with games, but I find it very captivating.

She continued: "I want to create an ideal, vibrant and mysterious place where people can immerse themselves in this atmosphere."

Louisa says men aren't intimidated by her love of games either, and wants to create an enjoyable experience for her audience.

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Louisa previously opened up about her struggles with her 30HH breasts, saying she is in constant pain and feels uncomfortable in anything she wears.

She said: "I’ve had random people writing comments such as: All you have is a pair of t*ts’ – which makes me feel like I’m not worthy.

“I’ll consider surgery when I get older to make things a little more convenient.”

Her move into the world of videogame development could therefore be a promising career change.

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