Killer Stephen poisons Elaine amid murder plot in Corrie spoiler video

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This is the chilling Coronation Street moment which sees serial killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) take steps to murder Elaine (Paula Wilcox).

Having taken life insurance out on her, Stephen has started replacing her blood pressure medication with caffeine pills.

His end game is for her to die so he can claim the cash and, if this goes on, he may get his wish.

Oblivious Elaine is chirpy as she comes into the room, not knowing that Stephen has crushed up caffeine tablets and spiked her tea.

As she drinks it down, Stephen watches, biding his time for it to take effect.

Following this preview clip, things get serious when Elaine collapses, hitting her head as she goes down.

His plot taking form, Stephen makes the decision to leave her to her fate, potentially claiming his fourth victim.

‘It is the start of him trying to get rid of her, he wants to set up the idea that her health is failing,’ Todd Boyce explained to us.

‘It is a knee jerk reaction, Leo’s and Teddy’s deaths were in moments of panic. Rufus had him on the ropes, he was fighting for survival. This is the same, he is running out of options and panic sets in. 

‘He gives her the tablets and then he acts as the concerned partner, despite knowing that he is the one that has made her feel so ill and dizzy. He plays the part perfectly.

‘He isn’t planning to kill her at that point. He is trying to destabilise her. He offers to go out and get her some food and leaves her in the flat but when he comes back she has fallen.’

To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a webbrowser thatsupports HTML5video

Planning something is one thing, but seeing it executed is another. This is the first time it has been pre-meditated, so how does Stephen react?

Todd added: ‘He is genuinely shocked and there is a moment when it looks like her is going to revive her.

‘But then you can see the cogs turning and he thinks let’s see how this turns out and maybe it might be the perfect ending! He leaves, crossing his fingers that she will die before she is discovered.’

It remains to be seen whether his sick wish will be granted.

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