Kerry Katona is a millionaire again after raking it on Only Fans – three years after bankruptcy

KERRY Katona is a millionaire again after raking it on Only Fans – three years after her bankruptcy.

The 40-year-old recently opened up about how life is treating her during a tell-all interview with Ulrika Jonsson – and one talking point was her decision to set up an account with the adult content site.

Since May 2020 the mum-of-three has been selling sexy snaps at a monthly subscription cost of £17.99.

Despite receiving backlash for her decision, Kerry's account has become a huge hit and is even making money when she's catching up on her beauty sleep.

Kerry told the telly presenter: "I want to make money, I’m a grafter. I’ve been working since I was 14.

“Now, with something like OnlyFans, I’m actually making money while I sleep.

“Those who look down on it need to ask themselves what the difference is between me sunbathing naked on the beach and having my picture taken by a paparazzi who makes money out of me, and me taking control and putting the money in my own pocket."

She went on to question: "Also, why is it OK for Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise to do a sex scene on screen, and that’s called ‘art’, but when I show myself in underwear it’s degrading.

"No, I’m not having any of it.”

Kerry announced the news she was creating her own account in the summer of 2020.

She told her followers on Instagram: "Finally got around to signing up to @olyfansofficial. Looking forward to getting started."

Since then she's racked up 169k likes on the social media app and has been busy as she's uploaded 788 posts.

Kerry also opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs as she wants a SIXTH baby with fiancé Ryan Mahoney.

The Atomic Kitten singer is already mum Molly Marie, Lilly-Sue, who she shares with Brian McFadden and Heidi Elizabeth, 14, Maxwell Mark, 13, who she shares with Mark Croft.

She also shares Dylan-Jorge Rose Kay, seven, with the late George Kay.

Kerry confessed to Ulrika that it is possible that she could become a mum again in the future.

She explained that there could be a possibility she could end up having another baby in years to come with her new lover.

The former singer said: “It would be selfish of me to have another child… But I would do it for Ryan.

"So I’m freezing my eggs and we will see what happens.”

Kerry originally met Ryan three years ago, but after four months together, they split in October 2018.

After a year apart they realised they couldn't live without each other and got back together.

Then in August 2020 the lovebirds became engaged after Ryan got down on one knee during their holiday celebrations for Kerry's 40th.

Kerry may be happy with her love life now, but she's certainly gone through some heart ache over the years.

She was married to Brian McFadden from 2002 to 2006 and Mark Croft from 2007 to 2011.

During her all-all interview with Ulrika, Kerry opened up about the abuse she received from her third husband George.

The star revealed that George would "spit in her face and threaten to rape her".


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After they married in 2014 George was experiencing mental health issues and was often under the influence of drugs.

The couple split in 2017 and in July 2019 George overdosed on drugs and died aged 39.

Ulrika explained: "Kerry documents his physical abuse without much emotion. Constant beatings, coercive control, degradation, threats.

"How is this woman still alive, I wonder. I have had a taste of domestic abuse, but mine was a mere canapé compared to Kerry’s three-course meal."

Ulrika added: "At one point, he threatened to rape her and her mum and harm their daughter. Kerry was forced to hide herself and her daughter in a cupboard."

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