Is Lewis Capaldi’s song Someone You Loved about ex-girlfriend Paige Turley? – The Sun

LEWIS Capaldi's Brit Award-winning song Someone You Loved was widely thought to have been about his ex-girlfriend Paige Turley.

But the singer revealed the truth when he accepted the award for song of the year at the Brits 2020.

Did Lewis Capaldi write Someone You Loved about Paige?

Lewis quashed rumours he had written the song about Paige, telling the audience at the 2020 Brit Awards that it was, in fact, about his late grandma.

In a boozy acceptance speech in which he swigged a bottle of Buckfast, Lewis quipped: "Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people think this song is about my ex-girlfriend, who you can now see every night on Love Island."

Laughing as the audience cheered, he continued: "It's actually about my grandmother who has sadly passed away a few years ago. "I hope to God that ITV don't contact her to be on a reality TV dating show."

It had been reported that Lewis famous single Someone You Loved was about Paige.

He had previously spoken about a girl he once dated, but did not specifically state who it was.

He said: “I met a lady. She was very nice.

"I loved her. I loved the look of her and I loved how she spoke.

“We dated for a year-and-a-half, then she left me.

"Then I wrote an album about it and I still think about it every day.”

Why did Paige Turley and Lewis Capaldi split?

Paige and Lewis's relationship came to a crashing end when she cheated – with his best mate.

A source told The Sun on Sunday: “Paige pretends to be a nice girl but within months of dating Lewis, she was cheating with Garry, one of his best friends.

“Lewis adored Paige and, at that time, he would have done anything for her. But she obviously didn’t feel the same or she wouldn’t have betrayed him.

“Those of us who knew what was going on felt she was pretty heartless.

“Eventually, she dumped Lewis and began officially dating Garry instead, leaving Lewis absolutely devastated. He really thought they had a future."

Paige and Lewis started dating during their college days back in 2015.

However, she reportedly cheated with Garry after just a few months.

Who is Lewis Capaldi dating now?

Lewis is currently single.

However, he is on the lookout for the woman of his dreams and has signed up to dating apps Raya and Tinder.

Opening up about his relationships, he explained to The Sun: “I was in a relationship for nearly two years but I have always been good at over-romanticising a situation. So if I meet a girl in a pub one night, I’ll be like, ‘Boys, I’ve found the woman for me’.

“In reality, she doesn’t want anything to do with me and is telling her pals, ‘Oh God, I can’t believe I kissed that guy last night. What a state he was in’.

“But my imagination will run riot and I’ll be like, ‘That’s given me another song’.”


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