‘I’m on MAFS UK this year and there’s two moments of my wedding fans didn’t see’

Married at First Sight UK groom Georges has revealed there's two moments from his wedding to Peggy that he wished viewers got to see.

The sports rehabilitator tied the knot with the technology risk partner in front of their friends and families after meeting at the alter for the very first time. They enjoyed a lavish ceremony and fans recently watched the newlyweds jet off to Thailand for their honeymoon.

However, Georges has told Daily Star that there's two moments from his and Peggy's wedding which never made it into the final edit of the E4 show.

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Talking about what viewers didn't see, Georges explained: "There's two moments. I do my speech and when I sat down with Mel [Schiling] on the couch I said I'm a very weak public speaker and I'm not very confident when I'm public speaking and she said make sure you say to your partner your not very confident so I tapped Peggy on the shoulder before I did my speech to say 'I'm absolutely dreading it', so they didn't so that.

"Also, out first dance. My mother was a dancer and I've got two left feet so I said to Peggy 'can we just do a slow dance, let me put my hands around your waist, put your arms on my shoulders and go from there' and we had a passionate kiss and that was really where I can see myself falling for her already."

Georges also hit back at his critics who have shared their opinion of him online during the first week of the show. He said: "There are going people who are like 'you're horrible and I don't want anything to do with you' and then as the story progresses people will say 'actually I quite like him'. People have different elements of growth. The first week has been interesting but I''m very thick skinned so things like that really don't bother me. I'm very and jokey as an individual so I'm just riding the wave.

"I don't want to give anything away but just understand that's not all I've got to give. I went on there for the right reasons and I've always wanted to be expected for who I am and what I am and I feel it was very much me. I think the edit speaks for itself.

During Tuesday's (September 27) episode, fans watched Peggy and Georges come to blows as they spent time in Thailand on their honeymoon However, it was not all love and romance as they came to blows over ethics of posting adult content online. Peggy appeared horrified during one chat as Georges told her it wouldn't bother him if she made money through making adult content online.

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The topic was brought up again later in the episode with Peggy storming off in anger over their disagreement. She said: "The whole adult content online, I don't know how you can feel comfortable with the person you're supposed to care about posting photos of their private parts for all to see. That doesn't bode well with me." Georges replied: "I think it's different values and different points of view. It's early days." They later made up and Georges said he understood where his wife was coming from.

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday to Thursday on E4 at 9pm

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