I'm a Celebrity tensions rise as Noel Edmonds brands Nick Knowles an "arse" amid camp feuds

One of the things I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! fans are loving most about this series is how friendly and supportive the cast have been with each other — but those days may unfortunately be over.

There have been subtle signs of tension over the last few days within camp, mostly between leader Nick Knowles and Noel Edmonds over following the safety guidelines that are required to win tasks.

Specifically, Nick is a stickler for enforcing the rules and Noel doesn’t like following them. This issue boiled over in Wednesday’s (November 28) episode when camp leader Nick spotted Noel walking alone to get logs.

That’s a big no-no since campers aren’t allowed to leave the campsite alone. Nick was understandably frustrated by Noel putting the success of the task at risk and once again called him out.

“Noel, you are not allowed to leave camp without someone, that’s one of the things that will lose us the task,” he complained.

A sneering Noel taunted him in return: “Well maybe I didn’t leave camp! Na-na-na-na-na!”

Later in the Bush Telegraph, Noel vented his anger: “There’s Nick getting his knickers in a twist because he thinks I left the camp. He can be such an arse at times.”

Noel even taunted Nick as he returned from the Bush Telegraph, calling out to him: “Oooh, I left camp again!”

Viewers were Team Nick previously, but Noel seems to be turning them around with his naughtiness:

However, this wasn’t the only row brewing in camp. John Barrowman’s cooking also became a surprising point of contention when he decided to prepare just four portions of rice and beans for 11 people at lunch.

“That’s not enough for 11 of us,” Rita Simons complained in the Bush Telegraph. “Everyone’s too scared to speak up about it so I do in a jokey passive-aggressive way.”

That’s exactly what she did back in camp, leading a mock-vote in camp over whether John had botched the lunch by under-preparing for the group.

“Hands up who wants more rice because I do, put your hands up if you want more, it’s too much to squirrel away, and it’s ridiculous,” she asked.

The criticism of his cooking seemed to really knock the wind out of John, who admitted in the Bush Telegraph later that his feelings were hurt.

“That came out of nowhere,” he said. “All of a sudden people wanted more rice which is fine, but it was the way it was approached like it was the blame of the cooks who were doing it.”

In the moment, John decided to give in to the complaints and cook portions of rice and beans for each camper to make Rita happy — but that didn’t seem to make her happy either.

“I’m not by any means saying let’s cook all the rice,” she insisted. “All I’m saying it needs to be more than four between us.”

Emily Atack came to Rita’s defence, but the soap legend was left feeling she’d been unfairly vilified by John for speaking up on behalf of the group’s best interest.

“God forbid we have some food to eat or if anyone is going to cook anything but it’s only one person that’s doing that and I can handle them,” she argued.

Nick interjected privately to John, but didn’t necessarily do himself any favours with viewers by suggesting that menstruation might be to blame for Rita and Emily’s objections.

“Remember the girls are going to be a bit jumpier because of what time of the month they told us it is,” the camp leader claimed. “We’re going to have that for a couple of days with the girls.”

That didn’t go over well…

It didn’t get any better when Nick asked John to pick up the ladies’ knickers around camp because he didn’t feel uncomfortable. John questioned if he’d been asked just because he’s LGBTQ+.

Cracks are clearly starting to show in the jungle…

I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! continues on Thursday (November 29) at 9pm on ITV, followed by Extra Camp on ITV2.

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