The Key Thing to Know About Layering Like a Fashion Editor

The Key Thing to Know About Layering Like a Fashion Editor

I could write a 300-page book about the art of layering your clothes. I was basically allergic to Winter coats growing up (I thought they were the antithesis of chic), so I piled on clothes to keep warm, wearing one Fall-weight coat all year round.

There are the easy tricks — use different materials, starting with the thinnest on the bottom; invest in a great fleece or shell to wear under your favorite, thinner peacoat; buy a turtleneck in every solid color imaginable to put under your favorite Summer dresses; etc. — but if I had to choose the most essential rule of layering, it would be the rule of the belt.

The biggest complaint I hear from people attempting to layer fashionably revolves around bulk. But get this: you don’t need to look like Olaf the snowman in order to stay warm. Finding a belt to literally tie everything together is the key to keeping warm, bulk-free, and fashionably layered. Pro tip: size up when buying your layering belt to ensure it will fit over your favorite chunky knit or wool coat.

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