I Hate Suzie newcomers tease ‘painful’ second season

I Hate Suzie Too trailer

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Billie Piper’s Suzie Pickles finally returns to screens this week in her latest collaboration with Succession writer Luzy Prebble, I Hate Suzie Too. For the continuation of 2020’s critically acclaimed celebrity drama, newcomers Blake Harrison and Douglas Hodge spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk and revealed some intriguing details about the Sky drama’s newest additions.

Newcomers Blake and Douglas endured plenty of physical and emotional challenges on the set of I Hate Suzie Too.

Billie’s new supporting stars portray Danny Carno and Bailey Quinn, who join Suzie on a fictional dance reality show called Dance Crazee for this year’s ‘Anti-Christmas Special’.

The three-part season begins on Tuesday night on Sky Max, and will take the spiralling Suzie on another high-stakes journey through the world of fame and celebrity.

Blake told Express.co.uk: “For everyone, the dancing was just such an enjoyable thing.”

“You leave the rehearsals physically exhausted but mentally quite elated by it all.”

Both Blake and Douglas had to endure one of the most demanding shoots of their career to bring Lucy and Billie’s vision to life in such spectacular fashion.

Moreover, Blake’s role proved even more challenging as his character Danny suffers a terrible family tragedy just moments before his Dance Crazee stint begins.

“It was interesting, he’s naturally quite good at dancing,” he explained.

“Before his dad sadly passes away he’s going in there thinking, ‘I’m going to smash this.’

“Being an ex-footballer, people aren’t expecting him to be rhythmically gifted, but he is and he is a good dancer.

“But he has to go through a lot of hurt and a lot of pain whilst doing that. Particularly later on in the series, he finds a kinship with Suzie in that they’re both suffering. They’re both hurting.

“We see that play out and how he’s putting on a veneer at times, or pouring his pain into something else. He’s trying to make sense of where he’s at now.”

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Meanwhile, Douglas experienced a different kind of pain as he admitted he originally wasn’t convinced he wanted to take part in such a physical series.

“I was so reluctant about the whole thing, if I’m honest,” he said.

“I’ve worked with Billie several times, so I was saying, ‘Is there any way…?’ You know, he’s a bad dancer, right, he doesn’t do well immediately.”

Thankfully, Douglas eventually got on board and quickly started reaping the benefits of regular dance rehearsals.

“We had two weeks of intense dance rehearsal but I found it very healing and therapeutic. It was nice to empty your brain,” he added.

Even so, viewers shouldn’t expect to see the most impressive performances of the season coming from Phil.

He teased: “I’m useless at dancing so it was very in character for me!

“To do something that physically exhausting and responsible, it’s good for your soul.”

After the emotional rollercoaster of I Hate Suzie’s first season, viewers are bound to be just as mentally exhausted as the cast was physically by the end of the drama’s latest three episodes.

I Hate Suzie Too premieres Tuesday, December 20 at 9pm on Sky Max and is available to stream on Sky Go now.

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