How many children does Dr Dre have?

SUPERSTAR rapper Dr Dre enjoys an extravagant life of flash cars and big houses.

But away from the spotlight the 55-year-old rapper also has to provide for his VERY big family – which also comes with its ups and downs.

How many children does Dr Dre have?

Dr Dre certainly has been busy when it comes to expanding his family.

The rapper has seven children but sadly one of his sons passed away.

His big brood of children were also born to five different mothers.

Here we take you through who Dre's kids are and what they are up to.

Curtis Young

In December 1981, when Dr Dre was in high school, he became a father for the first time.

However, he only Curtis, now 39, when his son was 20 years old.

As Hip Hop DX reported, Curtis learned that Dr Dre was his dad when he was 12 years old.

La Tanya Young

Dr Dre's second child, La Tanya Danielle, was born in 1983 to another high school romance.

In December 2020, the 38-year-old claimed she hadn't seen her dad in 17 years and that he's never even met her four children, his grandchildren

In August 2021 La Tanya claimed she was living out of her car with no help from her super-rich father.

Andre R. Young Jr (died in 2008)

Andre Jr was born in 1988.

Sadly he passed away in 2008 when he was just 20 years old.

His mum found him dead at their Woodland Hills home in Los Angeles due to a heroin and morphine overdose.

Representatives for Dre confirmed his death, saying in a statement: "Dr Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family's grief and privacy at this time."

Marcel Young

Marcel is the middle child and is 29-years-old.

Just like his half-sister La Tanya, he prefers to stay clear of the spotlight.

Truice Young

Truice is the first child Dre had with his soon-to-be ex-wife Nicole Young.

He was born in 1997, making him 23 years old.

Truice attended the University of South Carolina from which he graduated in May 2020. 

Truly Young

Truly is Dre's youngest and was born in 2001, making her 19 years old.

She is studying at the film school of the University of Southern California.

Dr Dre proudly shared the news on his Instagram account, emphasising that she did it "all on her own" and with "no jail time" involved – he was referring to the 2019 college admissions scandal.

Tyra Young

Not much is known about Tyra, not even who her mum is.

However, we do know that she is an actress and TV producer known for the show Take 6 and the short film Ropes of Silicon.

Who are the rapper's children's baby mamas?

As mentioned, Dre has five baby mamas.

The first is Cassandra Joy Greene, who is Curtis' mum, and had him when she was 15 years old in 1981 – the pair met in high school.

Then in 1983 a 15-year-old Lisa Johnson gave birth to La Tanya.

In 1988, Dre and Jenita Porter had Andre Jr who, as mentioned, has passed away.

From 1988 to 1996, Dre dated singer Michel'le, who frequently contributed vocals to Ruthless Records and Death Row Records albums and in 1991 they welcomed their son Marcel.

In 1996, Dre married NBA player Sedale Threatt's ex-wife Nicole and they have two children together – Truice and Truly.

In 2020, Nicole filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences

As we said earlier, it is not known who his daughter Tyra's mother is.

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