Holby City fans moan show is 'turning into Love Island' after seriously seedy foot fetish scene

HOLBY City fans are concerned that the BBC drama is turning into Love Island after a racy foot fetish scene in the latest episode.

Viewers were shocked at Holby City's Kylie as she revealed signing up to a subscription service that sends pictures of her feet to people with foot fetishes her in Wednesday's episode.

Louis commented: "Kinky!" when he saw her photos on her phone.

He said: "If you have a foot fetish, it's probably best that the [CQC] inspectors don't find out."

Kylie explained: "No! If you must know it's custom content of my feet. Subscription only."

A shocked Louis asked: "Are you serious? Why would you even do that?"

Kylie added: "Well, people are paying to see my feet.

"You know, I can earn more in an hour than I can in half a day here!"

Fans took to Twitter to share their stunned reactions to Kylie's admisson.

One said: "Omg not Kylie selling feet pics! Jake from Love Island might start watching Holby for her!"

A second wrote: "'OnlyFeet, Kylie?"

Another penned: "Kylie's anxious word vomit!"

Love Island contestant Jake Cornish admitted to having a foot fetish before heading into the villa.

Viewers were shocked when Jake filmed Toby sucking Kaz's toe.

The water engineer told ITV that his type was "blonde, blue eyes and little feet because I have a massive foot fetish."

He added: "I like sucking toes."

Fans believe Holby City has been influenced by Love Island with Kylie's latest confession.

Holby City continues on Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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