Dua Lipa and Adele lead celebrations after England beat Denmark in Euro 2020 semi-final

The pair joined celebrities, politicians and fans alike in celebrating the Euro 2020 win, which marks the first time England has won a semi-final match since 1966.

Could it… really… be coming home? After their 2-1 win against Denmark at Wembley last night, Gareth Southgate’s England team are officially one step closer to taking home the trophy.

Considering that England have only reached the Euros semi-finals once in 1996 – which they lost on a saved penalty delivered by none other than Southgate – it’s safe to say last night’s win was a pretty big deal.

And with Sunday’s final also marking the first time England have made the last stage of an international tournament since 1966 (yep, you read that right), it’s no surprise that the reaction to yesterday’s victory has been so widespread. 

Among those celebrating were Adele and Dua Lipa, who both took to social media to share their reactions to England’s surprise victory.

The former shared a video of herself celebrating Harry Kane’s successful penalty in extra time on Instagram, accompanied by the short and succinct caption: “ITS BLOODY COMING HOME”.

In the video, Adele can be heard cheering as the ball hits the back of the net, as the camera turns blurry from all of her jumping around.  

In contrast, Dua Lipa shared a series of photos of herself watching the game with a group of friends – but her celebratory caption was one and the same.

“IT’S COMING HOME,” she wrote, as she showcased the array of snacks and England flags on offer at her at-home watch party.  

Other celebrities who took to social media to share their reaction to the win were Sex And The City’s Kim Cattrall, who posted a photo of herself and her boyfriend in front of the TV, and BBC Radio 1’s Greg James, who praised commentator John Murray for his take on the match.

“That whole evening was insane wasn’t it,” James wrote. “John made it all OK and oh my GOD England are in the final and we’re gonna bloody win aren’t we.”

All that waits to be seen is whether England can beat Italy on Sunday to take home the Euro 2020 trophy. We’ve got our fingers crossed. 

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