Harrison Ford: ‘I was never happy’ Indiana Jones huge error confessed by screenwriter

Indiana Jones 5: Onlooker shares set during filming

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Today marks Harrison Ford’s 80th birthday and the Hollywood legend will be returning in Indiana Jones 5 next summer, for what will probably be the final time. The star kicked off the franchise all the way back in 1981 with Raiders of the Lost Ark, returning for two 1930 set sequels in Temple of Doom and Last Crusade before the Eighties came to an end.

Almost 20 years later, Ford reprised playing the archaeologist adventurer in the 1950s set Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

However, the fourth film wasn’t as warmly received by fans with some, to this day, pretending it doesn’t exist and calling the upcoming Indiana Jones 5, Indiana Jones 4 instead.

Aside from “nuking the fridge” becoming a new term for “jumping the shark”, much criticism has been thrown on the film’s twist involving aliens.

Now screenwriter David Koepp, who previously wrote Jurassic Park’s script, has admitted this inclusion of UFOs was an idea he was not on board with.

Koepp told Script Apart podcast: “I was never happy with the idea. When I came on, I tried to convince [director Steven Spielberg and franchise co-creator George Lucas] to change it – I had this other idea. They didn’t want to change it. I’m not saying mine would’ve been better, but I think that a lot of the pushback that movie got, in a larger sense aside from little things people might not have liked – that were too silly or whatever – the larger one was that [fans said] ‘We don’t feel like aliens should’ve been in an Indiana Jones movie.’ Fair enough, in retrospect, you’re probably right [laughs].”

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Interestingly, Sean Connery almost reprised his role of Indiana Jones’ father Henry from Last Crusade in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

If it had worked out, the blockbuster would have been his final film instead of 2003 flop The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the late star said in 2007: “I spoke with Spielberg, but it didn’t work out. It was not that generous a part, worth getting back into the harness and go for. And they had taken the story in a different line anyway, so the father of Indy was kind of really not that important. I had suggested they kill him in the movie, it would have taken care of it better.” 

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In the end that’s exactly what happened, with Connery’s Henry Jones Sr making a cameo appearance in a framed photograph at the start of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

As for the new movie, little is known about the plot, although at least some of the action takes place in 1969 as set photos revealed a ticker-tape parade celebrating the return of the Moon Landing astronauts. 

Scenes set with Nazis during World World II also appear to be flashbacks, unless time travel is involved, of course.

Indiana Jones 5 hits cinemas on June 30, 2023.


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