Gemma Collins hits back at fan who accuses her of lying about lip fillers and insists ‘I’ve had it all dissolved’

GEMMA Collins has hit back at a fan who accused her of lying about having lip fillers and insisted "I’ve had it all dissolved".

The TV star responded to a comment on Instagram after she posted a glowing make-up free selfie.

Gemma, 40, saw the remark from one of her fans, which said: "Careful with the fillers"

And the star clapped back: "I don't have any I had it all dissolved."

She later defended herself in another post on her Instagram Story, writing: "Guys these are my lips. This was yesterday, the reason why they're bigger today is because I'm blowing them out because I'm exhausted."

She added: "I'm a woman of my word. I've had them all dissolved, and I actually love my original face it's me and I love it."

Gemma has always been open about having fillers and even had Botox injections on her reality show in 2019.

But recently she's opting for a more natural look and recently warned other celebs not to "pump themselves up with filler".

The GC has been wowing fans with her new look since revealing her three-stone weight loss, and fans have noticed her face is changing too.

Before Christmas, Gemma hit back at fans who accused her of using Instagram filters to achieve her flawless new look, saying: "Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better.

"I've lost weight. I'm feeling good, I've got time to look after myself. I've had lots of treatments at the London Aesthetics company. And I feel brand new."

She added: "I just wanted to show you that this is me, this is how I look. There's been a few comments recently about filters but I have been having amazing face treatments done."

Gemma has been open about her facial transformation on Instagram, revealing £8,366 worth of treatments in less than two years.

Gemma has had a variety of treatments to ensure her chiselled face matches her slimmed down body.

Most recently, on Friday, the GC filmed herself having a £350 'fat dissolving' injection with the London Aesthetics company, which left her feeling "brand new".

She's had many of her recent tweakments with the same beauty business, including "jaw contouring" – which costs £299 at similar London clinics.

The 'no needle' treatment was done using a small machine, which tightens the skin to "treat sagging dull skin and wrinkles".

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