Five explosive Casualty spoilers as hospital rocked by string of bitter clashes this week | The Sun

NEXT week on Casualty Stevie questions her own capabilities amid abuse from Marcus and the ED fails to forgive Jacob for his role in the shooting incident.

Upcoming Casualty scenes will see Jan hide the revelation that Gethin is living with Motor Neurone Disease from Ffion.

1. Jan worries over Gethin

Jan is irritated by Ffion's attempt to help Gethin get his life back on track.

She fears that Ffion wants rid of Gethin as quickly as possible.

Her worries over Gethin distract her while she's working.

And her concerns follow Jan to work when Gethin is admitted into the hospital and taken to the ED.

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2. Teddy forgives Jacob

Elsewhere, Teddy is bedbound while in recovery after the shooting incident at a local shop.

Teddy doesn't blame Jacob for his role in what happened, but his friends aren't so forgiving.

Paige and Sah point out that Jacob hasn't visited Teddy, as he is not ready to face him after what happened.

Teddy claims that Jacob must be busy, but how long can he avoid him for?

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3. Stevie's abuse continues

Stevie is unsettled over her performanceCredit: BBC

Meanwhile, Stevie tries to save teenager who was stabbed by a boy with a screwdriver.

Despite her best efforts, the teenager tragically dies from her injuries.

Max points out that Stevie has lost a far amount of patients in recent weeks – but could it be because she's more likely than most to jump in when someone needs critical treatment.

Despite Max's balanced comments, Stevie's recent ordeal with controlling and abusive Marcus is clearly still taking its toll as she starts to question her own capabilities.

4. Donna refuses to help a patient

Also next week, Donna suspects that a patient who is awaiting a lung transplant has been secretly smoking.

She threatens to report this to the transplant coordinators as she is an "undeserving" patient.

But Dylan openly questions Donna's stance, suggesting that the NHS can't only provide treatment for perfect patients.

Will Donna stick to her beliefs or change her mind?

5. Prank gone wrong

A young man is admitted to the ED in a critical condition after a high-risk social media prank goes wrong.

Jacob confronts the guy's friend for his role in proceedings, pointing out how dangerous it was for both of them.

The paramedic team came to the rescue – but will the injured party pull through?

Casualty airs on Saturday from 8:25pm on BBC One.

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