I was body-shamed for my gym top – she said it was disrespectful to have my boobs out, I think her man was looking at me | The Sun

A MUM who was slammed for wearing a revealing top a the gym has hit back at the haters who say she should cover up.

Kylen Suttner, 21, was wearing a light blue sports bra to workout when a stranger approached her and slated her outfit.

The woman walked up to Kylen to ask if she thought she should 'really be wearing that.'

The woman continued: 'We're in a public place, can you be respectful? No one wants to look at your boobs hanging out'.

A shocked Kylen retorted 'I'm fine thank you' before the woman finally left her in peace.

Now she's hit back at the anonymous woman, saying the "weird" incident will not stop her completing a challenge to go to the gym every day for 75 days straight.


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Kylen, who gave birth to her son Suede in December 2022, from Ogden, Utah, said: "I was doing chest presses and just sitting there.

"I don't know why she singled me out because there were other people in the gym wearing way more revealing clothes.

"Maybe her boyfriend was staring at me or something and it got her triggered, I don't know.

The mum said she was minding her own business when the woman approached her.

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"I was just a little frozen like 'wait, did that just happen?' "It didn't make me feel sad really – I was just beating myself up for not standing up for myself more.

"I felt like I was way more modest than I usually am. If that was ever to happen to me I wouldn't have thought it would happen when I was wearing what I was wearing.

Kaylen said she usually wears low-cut tops and shorts when she works out, but this time she was wearing leggings and only had "a little bit of cleavage" on show.

"I usually show way more," she said.

The interaction hasn't put her off her fitness goals, and she would "never let something like that stop me from going to the gym or wearing what I want."

Kylen set up her Instagram fitness page in July 2021 and now has almost 100,000 followers.

She has been going to the gym four or five times a week for two years and is currently on day 27 of a fitness challenge where she will work out every day for 75 days in a row.

She said: "I've always liked fitness a lot and I saw other girls starting little Instagram pages for fitness content and I just one day was like, 'You know what, I'm gonna do it' not really thinking anything of it.

"And then it blew up, I started taking money from it and I was like, 'Oh, this can actually be my job'.

"I think everybody should be involved in some sort of active lifestyle and eating healthy is just a given."

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