First fired Apprentice candidate revealed – and fans are shocked

Former Shameless actress Sarah Byrne became the first casualty of the boardroom tonight after failing to impress Lord Sugar.

In a rare move, the project manager of the losing team wasn’t fired on the first episode of The Apprentice – instead, ex-Shameless actress Sarah had the finger pointed at her and was fired after just one episode.

Both the boys and girls teams were whisked off to Malta this evening and had to buy various Maltese items. Whichever team spent the least was the winner.

Queue hilarity as the boys mistook a piece of diving equipment for an octopus and the girls getting two of the same item.

However, after incurring a number of fines and buying two of the same item, the girls lost the task and Sarah was sent packing.

Speaking to Mirror TV, the 29-year-old said: "Obviously it’s disappointing. I don’t think I should have gone – I just don’t think I should have gone. Things happen and it’s disappointing but I’ve got to embrace it. "

So what was it like meeting Lord Sugar? "When you walk into that boardroom you do feel like you’re back at school."

But when she was chosen to return to the boardroom a second time, she said that she felt as though she were in a "daze": "It’s that stressful!"

Sarah starred in Shameless as wild teenager Meena Karib from 2008 until 2009.

Talking about how being on The Apprentice compared to the Channel 4 programme, she said: "You’re playing a character, aren’t you, when you’re going on set and when you see that camera, you automatically go into your character. But obviously it’s completely different with this because I didn’t want to go into character – I just wanted to be myself.

"Sometimes it was a little difficult to differentiate between the two. Especially seeing as how I’ve trained, I’ve done television and film since I was 16. To then go ahead and do something where you’re just being you, it was different. But it was good though and everything is an experience and it was definitely that"

*The Apprentice returns next Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One

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