Fans fume as Gary Lineker apologises for iPlayer issues

World Cup: Lineker apologises for BBC iPlayer issues

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England fans were furious as they faced issues while trying to watch the highly-anticipated match against Iran on BBC iPlayer. The site went down when the kick-off was starting, leaving viewers unable to watch the historic game, which started at around 1pm on Monday. Towards the latter half of the match, sports broadcaster Gary apologised to viewers having issues with the site and assured fans it was being “fixed”. Several were left questioning why they pay a licence fee for BBC, calling the blunder “a joke”.

Fans tried to tune into the football game but were met with issues on the BBC site, with error messages affecting thousands of fans.

During the commentary, Gary remarked: “Just a quick pointer, apologies if you’ve had any BBC iPlayer issues during that first half.

“We’re working to fix them,” he said before adding: “Iran are making a few substitutions, doesn’t look like England have.” (sic)

Frustrated viewers were quick to express their outrage as they missed out on the game.

Twitter user @6000wk wrote: “BBC iPlayer what an absolute joke. Boycott the licence fee. They are an absolute bunch of clowns.”

@jph_92 penned: “Can’t even watch the England game because of iPlayer being down. Even more reason to scrap the licence fee. #jokers #bbc #iplayer #FIFAWorldCup #ENG.”

@ayanwhy remarked: “BBC iPlayer is so behind it’s such a joke.”

“BBC iPlayer is still not working on the phone app what a joke,” @gerardross2k9 shared.

@thebigdaddy76 added: “Thanks for ruining my world cup with your s**** signal!! How can I have 5 bars on 4g+ and still can’t watch England on the @bbc iPlayer!!! Joke.” (sic)

@sickguy00995669 posted: “BBC Iplayer is down which means millions of people can’t watch the first England match. Absolute joke mate.”

@Rick__Dash commented: “@BBCiPlayer IPlayer not signing in. My guess the #WorldCup is choking the app. What do I pay the licence fee for?”

This year’s World Cup in Qatar kicked off on Sunday, with England’s debut on Monday against Iran.

England ended up with a 6-2 victory in their opening Group B fixture.

The controversy surrounding the tournament’s host location continued today, with England deciding not to wear the OneLove armbands during the competition.

England had been one of seven countries whose captains had planned to wear the armbands during the World Cup.

However, a joint statement on Monday morning confirmed that will no longer be the case.

The armbands, which promoted diversity and inclusion, were not permitted by FIFA.

Players risked being booked before a match even started or even a potential ban.

Sky Sports broadcaster Jamie Carragher insisted before the statement was released that England should not turn their back on the stance.

Carragher said: “He has to wear it. England has made a big noise about the fact that Harry Kane’s going to wear this.

“This is their almost protest in some ways to the World Cup being in Qatar and the situation, human rights, everything that goes on in the country that people have criticised.

“This was England’s way of showing that they don’t agree with everything that’s going on with that in the country. They can’t pull out now.”

The England vs Iran match is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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