Escape to the Country buyer shuts down expert before even stepping inside property 'she would never pick'

AN ESCAPE to the Country buyer shut down an expert before even stepping inside a property 'she would never pick'.

Tuesday's edition of the BBC One show saw Jules Hudson meet dog-groomer Sam, who wanted to find a two-bedroom cottage in Suffolk that fit within her £320,000 budget.

Sam wanted to move closer to daughter Georgina, who lived in Suffolk, and the mother and daughter pair visited a couple of properties with Jules before he brought them to the mystery property.

While the pair had liked the first two properties Jules showed them, they didn't have the same reaction when they saw the mystery property, a pink cottage.

Jules immediately asked for their first impressions, and Georgina said: "Looks interesting."

The presenter picked up on the fact Sam hadn't said as much about the mystery property as the others and said: "Your mum’s looking a bit quiet.”

Sam couldn't help but pull a face before saying diplomatically: “It’s not a house I would pick."

Jules replied: "That surprises me, I thought this might be your thing.”

Sam, who wanted to be near the sea if possible, admitted the fact the cottage was just a quarter of a mile away from the water was a plus.

She said: "The location and where it is, is perfect, I’ll be interested to see what it looks inside."

As they headed inside, Jules did admit the mystery property had some challenges and would be a "bit of a project" and after looking around, Sam still remained unconvinced.

She said: "I really like the location of this property, for business purposes it works really well.

“I think it probably would be too big a project for me, if I wanted to get the business up and running quickly I wouldn’t have time to do it sadly.

“Also, for me, this move is a new chapter and I did say I wanted to slow down a little bit, so I think that answers my question for me.”

Escape to the Country airs weekdays at 3pm on BBC One.

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