Escape to the Chateau’s Angel Adoree snubs Dick’s unusual hobby ‘Really not enjoying it’

Escape to the Chateau: Angel and Dick talk toilets

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Angel Adoree, 43, and her 61-year-old husband Dick Strawbridge share their stunning 19th-century home’s transformation with viewers on Escape to the Chateau, which is now on its sixth series on Channel 4. However, when Dick got Angel to help with his new beekeeping hobby in a recent episode of the programme, she admitted she was “really not enjoying it”. 

Extracting honey from the bees is one thing and hoping Angel would be an enthusiastic beekeeper proved to be quite another as Dick soon found out on the show.

During episode five of series six, which is now available on All 4, Angel told Dick she really wasn’t enjoying the experience while donning a beekeeping suit, hat and gloves. 

She said: “Just to let you know, I’m not really enjoying this. I’m not really a beekeeper.

“I love you so much though,” she said as she laughed off the snub of Dick’s new pastime.

However, Angel did say the suit was a “fantastic ensemble” and jokingly asked if she could accessorise it by wearing a belt. READ MORE: 

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Dick finished collecting the honey from the hive without her help and later brought the honeycomb into the kitchen. 

As Dick used a knife to cut the fresh honey off of the honeycomb, Angel admitted it looked “amazing”. 

She said the sound of the cutting was amazing too as she watched in fascination with her children Arthur and Dorothy. 

But the children were soon in for a shock when Dick explained to them that honey is made from the saliva of bees. 

Dick then poured the honeycomb into an extractor machine and the four family members watched the pure honey ooze out of a part of the machine so it’s then “crystal clear” and ready to eat.

If all went to plan, Dick should have been able to get three kilograms of honey from his three beehives each year. 

In a good season, an average-sized beehive can produce about 11 kilograms of honey. 

The family got to work tasting the sample before Angel and Dick got back to renovation works around their chateau. 

After experiencing the delights of beekeeping, the rest of the episode focussed on Angel renovating a vintage campervan. 

She created a bold daisy pattern which was printed onto fabric to use for the campervan’s seats. 

When she asked if Dick approved of the pattern, he avoided the question and said: “The sun’s come out, so I can’t see, I’m dazzled.” 

However, Angel was relieved her children approved of her daisy design which was printed on crushed velvet.

Dick and Angel purchased the chateau itself back in 2015, shortly after they tied the knot.

It cost them £280,000, but it needed a significant amount of work as it had no running water, heating or electricity. 

The building itself has an impressive 45 rooms and a moat which all sits on 12 acres of land belonging to the couple in the Pays de la Loire region of northwest France.

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All 4.

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