Emmy Raver-Lampman boyfriend: Who is The Umbrella Academy star dating?

The Umbrella Academy season 3 trailer

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The Umbrella Academy is returning to the small screen for season three on Netflix. When the action-fiction was last seen, Allison Hargreeves (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman) had carved herself out a new life in the 1960s but by the end, she had to return to her normal time and leave her husband behind. Express.co.uk has everything there is to know about Emmy Raver-Lampman’s love life.

Who is The Umbrella Academy star Emmy Raver-Lampman dating?

Actress Emmy Raver-Lampman is relatively new to the world of television and film.

Since 2016, the 33-year-old has been in A Million Little Things, Jane the Virgin, Blacklight, Dog and Central Park, just to list some of her work.

Raver-Lampman is better known for her career in musical theatre, having performed in shows such as Hair, Wicked, Hamilton and Jekyll & Hyde.

It was during her Broadway stint that The Umbrella Academy star met her current boyfriend.

Raver-Lampman is in a relationship with actor Daveed Diggs who she first crossed paths with on the stage of Hamilton.

They were both part of the first Broadway cast for the hit show which Diggs won a Tony Award for, where he played dual roles of Thomas Jefferson and Marquis de Lafayette.

Raver-Lampman on the other hand was a member of the ensemble who left in April 2016 to join the Chicago cast of SpongeBob SquarePants the musical.

She will not be seen in the Disney+ version of Hamilton as Raver-Lampman left a couple of months prior to when it was filmed.

Diggs left the show in July 2016 and went on to release new music with his rap group Clipping as well as co-starring in the ABC comedy Black-ish.

Netflix subscribers, however, may recognise him as Andre Layton in the thriller Snowpiercer, a series he has starred in since 2020.

Snowpiercer will be returning for a fourth season sometime in early 2023.

While Diggs and Raver-Lampman have known each other for seven years, they never publicly announced when they got together.

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The stars became an item sometime after featuring in Hamilton as Diggs was still with his girlfriend and actress Jalene Goodwin in May 2016.

Over the years, they have popped up on each other’s Instagram feeds on several occasions, giving moral support at their shows and brunching in New York.

In November 2018, Diggs posted a picture from his family’s Thanksgiving weekend which included Raver-Lampman, so they have been dating for at least four years.

The famous couple are also living together, going by an interview from two years ago with Diggs.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times about how he differs from his Snowpiercer character, Diggs explained: “Layton is hyper-observant. I am not.

“I have not ever figured out where all the things in our kitchen are because my girlfriend put them where they are, and I still don’t know. I would not make a good detective.”

He then added: “We’ve been in this house two years.”

The Umbrella Academy season 3 premieres on Wednesday, June 22, on Netflix.

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