My friend sent me a seriously nasty message about hooking up with her ex – then changed her tune in the strangest way | The Sun

ONE woman thought her friendship was over after she hooked up with her friend's ex – and the friend sent her a nasty message about it.

But things took a shocking turn when her friend reached out again – and was suddenly the picture of friendliness for a surprising reason.

Hattie Rowe from Leamington Spa, England shared the Instagram DMs, which show a sudden change of tone – though it's unclear whether the messages were sent to her or someone else.

The first message from the old friend was furious and profanity-filled, and it seemed like the friendship was over for good.

"Congrats on hooking up [with] my ex boyfriend who I cried to you [about] for weeks. F**k being friendly, you s**t," the other woman wrote.

There was no response to the nasty message – but after some time passed, the other woman reached out again.

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She acted like nothing bad ever happened.

"Hey girl!!" the once-livid ex-friend wrote.

"I joined this business called ItWorks, it's based on giving both men and women ways to live a healthier lifestyle in easy ways," she continued, hawking her multi-level marketing business.

"It's all plant based; therefore, it's all natural with no stimulants. It clears toxins out of your body and makes me feel so much healthier and it shows improvements as well!" she continued her sales pitch.

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"I'm apart of this business to help men and women gain confidence and self confidence and finding them helpful ways to live and love their their healthier lifestyle [sic]," she went on.

Hattie said she had "been laughing at this for days" at how the woman was suddenly sugary-sweet when she wanted to sell something.

"I love girls in pyramid schemes. They're the gift that keeps on giving," she said.

Viewers find the about-face funny too, with some begging to know how much time had passed between the two messages.

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"I like to imagine they were 30 minutes apart," wrote one.

"I feel like if it’s more than a year it gains some comedic value too," added another.

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