Emmerdale’s Mack forced to make heartbreaking decision as beloved character faces death

Emmerdale’s Mackenzie Boyd has a huge decision to make tonight after a car crash leaves two characters in danger, the show’s spoilers have revealed.

Viewers will recall that a few weeks ago, Mack cheated on his partner, Chloe Harris, with his ex, Charity Dingle, but he decided to keep it a secret.

However, in soap land that never works out, and this week, Chloe has found out about their time together, after she spotted Mack and Charity sharing a hug.

Tonight, Tuesday, 10 October, Chloe approaches the pair to find out what is going on, but Mack quickly makes his excuses to leave and dashes off.

It becomes clear to see that Chloe is now full of hatred, and she and Mack go to drop their little one, Reuben, off with Matty Barton so they can head out.

As Chloe and Mack head out on a drive, Chloe is withdrawn, but Mack has no idea just how fractured her state of mind is.

The couple are shocked to find Charity has broken down, and in a shock move, Chloe offers her a lift, and the tension in the car can be cut with a knife as Chloe deliberately misses the turning and heads towards the moors, planning to leave Mack and Charity somewhere remote.

Charity gets concerned that they are in the middle of nowhere, and starts to press Chloe’s buttons before demanding that she pulls over.

Mack worries that there is about to be fireworks, and just moments later, a car smashes into them, and as he regains consciousness, he realises that the car is suspended on the edge of a cliff, leaving him in a panic.

As he escapes from the vehicle, it creeks and shifts just as Charity also wakes up, but she is frozen in fear as she realises what has happened and where they are.

Soon after, Chloe regains consciousness and starts to panic, but she is forced to put her faith in Mack as he tries to guide the girls to safety.

However, as he does that, Chloe knocks the steering wheel, and the car starts to slip away, and both Chloe and Charity reach out for Mack to save them.

But who will he save first?

Elsewhere, Lydia Dingle begins to question her decision to run away, and at home, Mandy Dingle tells Lydia’s husband Sam that she thinks she is having an affair, unaware that she has been raped.

Later, the Dingle family are thrown when a fragile Lydia returns home, ready to reveal the truth about what has been going on with her.

Lydia finds the strength to tell them that Craig Reed raped her, how will they react?

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