Emmerdale star speaks out on leaving soap ‘It’s a great time to die’

Emmerdale: Kerry walks in on Cain Dingle after Al's death

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Emmerdale fans saw the long-running feud between Al (Michael Wildman) and Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) come to a gruesome end during Tuesday’s show. After his affair with Cain’s sister Chas (Lucy Pargeter) came to light, he confronted him in a barn before fatally shooting him. After playing the character for three years, actor Michael Wildman confessed he knew Al’s time on the show was limited.

It’s no secret that Al and Cain have disliked one another since his arrival in Emmerdale back in 2019 with tensions increasing over the years.

Over the past few months, fans of the ITV soap have watched as the Dale villain has had an intense affair with Cain’s sister Chas, despite them both having their own partners.

Earlier this week, Cain discovered his sisters burner phone that she’d been using to communicate with Al which left him enraged.

When Al arrives at a barn to expect to find Chas, he’s stunned when it’s Cain waiting for him with a shotgun in hand.

Although Monday’s episode ended with a cliffhanger with a shot being heard after a tussle to the gun, it was confirmed on Tuesday night that it was Al who had been killed.

As his bloodied body lay on the floor, his partner Kerry walked in and screamed for her daughter to call an ambulance as Cain quickly fled the scene to make a run for it.

Despite his exit coming as a shock, actor Michael Wildman admits that he felt things for Al were coming to a head over the past year and a half as there was no real reason for him to stay.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “His son Ellis had gone, and so when our executive producer rang me to say, ‘We are thinking of letting Al go’, I told her, ‘I am with you – so long as Al doesn’t leave in a taxi’.

“I wanted Al to go out with a bang, and last night he most definitely did. I am so pleased. It’s been brilliant to be part of the 50th celebrations and it’s a great time to die.”

Al’s exit is the fourth death the soap has seen over the past three weeks as Emmerdale pulled out all the stops for its big milestone month.

The first victim was Faith Dingle who decided to end her life falling her terminal cancer diagnosis, then Liv Flaherty tragically was killed when the storm threw a caravan on top of her and crushed her to death.

Another character to leave the soap as a result of the storm was Harriet Finch who was involved in a quad bike crash before a bolt of lightning caused an explosion on the vehicle.

When it came to shooting Al’s final scenes, the 52-year-old confessed that he had a lump in his throat as he’s made friends with the cast and crew during his time on the soap.

He added: “You share so much together like having babies, losing loved ones and I feel like I’ve made a new family. A job like Emmerdale will always stay with you.”

It looks like another departure could be on the cards as a result of Al’s death after Kerry told the police who she had seen in the barn when she discovered her fiance.

As he ran home to try and quickly speak to his wife Moira and his kids, it wasn’t long before the authorities were at the house.

Stepping outside, viewers watched as Cain was taken away by officers leaving many questioning if he’ll be spending his life behind bars.

When he was being arrested, his sister Chas turned up to hear that her brother was being charged with the murder of Al Champman.

Actor Jeff Hordley previously teased that this storyline will could a ripple effect throughout the soap for various characters.

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7pm.

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