Emmerdale spoilers: Andrea Tate goes to war with Kim for daughter Millie

ANDREA Tate goes to war with Kim over her daughter Millie next week in Emmerdale following Jamie’s apparent ‘death’.

Andrea cut all ties with Kim earlier last week after she told Millie about her wild theory that her dad Jamie is still alive. 

Next week, Kim isn’t best pleased to discover that Andrea has requested a restraining order against her.

There’s more drama in store for Kim as she agrees to let Priya and Ellis move their base camp for the survival event to Home Farm.

Kim notices that Will seems on edge and determines to get to the bottom of what’s going on. 

Later, Will prepares to flee Emmerdale as Kim reaches a decision, but will she drop him in it?

Eventually, Will admits that the reason he’s worried about the base camp site is because it’s where he buried ‘the body’.

Later in the week, Kim proposes that Gabby draw up a will, giving her the sole parental rights to her child.

However, Gabby is shocked when she overhears Kim making a call to her lawyer and demanding full custody of Millie.

Diane suggests fleeing the village to get away from their troubles and is worried when she hears that Kim wants custody of Gabby’s baby. 

Later, Bernie suggests moving to Portugal with them, but reminds Gabby to keep quiet about her move. 

Viewers know that Jamie appeared to drown following a car crash last month.

Kim, however, is certain that Jamie faked his death – and that he’s still alive. 

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But Andrea accused Kim of rubbing salt into everyone’s wounds with her wild claims.

And, when she saw Kim spreading rumours about Jamie in the village, she stormed over.

“Are you still sprouting you absolute vile? My daughter is in there not knowing what to believe,” she shouted.

In shocking scenes, Andrea then called her a “disgusting b***h” as she added: "It should have been you who died. You're not normal.

“Stay away from us, we don’t want you in our lives. You’ve lost your son and now you’ve lost your granddaughter too.”

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