EastEnders fans horrified as ‘deranged’ Theo drops property bombshell

After a dramatic week in Walford, our final visit to EastEnders brought with it an extra helping of terror, as stalker Theo Hawthorne visited Stacey Slater’s young daughter Lily in hospital just days after the teen mum had given birth.

As viewers will know, earlier this week Stacey discovered that pal Theo was actually her stalker and had become dangerously obsessed with her after striking up a connection over her cam work.

Demanding her get away from her and her family just as daughter Lily gave birth, Stacey thought she had seen the last of Theo as his actions were reported to the police.

However, on Thursday 7 September's visit to Albert Square, it emerged that Theo had been released without charge and unwilling to say goodbye to his obsessive crush, had snuck in to the hospital to visit former pupil Lily and her newborn baby Charli.

Stumbling upon the pair together, with Theo even cuddling the newborn baby, a terrified Stacey soon demanded that Theo leave and “stay away from her family” before warning him that if he came near any of them again, she would “kill him.”

Confused by the situation, Lily couldn’t hide her bemusement at what had transpired, leading Stacey to later come clean that Theo had been stalking her for months.

But if that wasn’t quite stressful enough, the admission came just as Lily was having her final meeting with social services to see if she could bring her daughter home!

Later, after being given the all clear by social services, Lily, Stacey and baby Charli were able to return home – but their idyllic new life looks set to be upended in the coming days, as the final scenes of the episode revealed Theo was intending to rent the flat next door to the family!

Following the revelation, fans on social media were quick to share their thoughts.

One fan wrote: "Theo needs to get lost. Absolutely deranged"

A second then added: "I do think that was such a stupid move of Theo’s. Imagine telling the police Stacey threatened you with a knife, and your frightened for your own safely, to counteract claims that your stalking & harassing her. To only buy the house next door the following day."

Before a third commented: "Surely Theo isn’t allowed to move next door after the accusations."

A fourth then weighed in by writing: "How can Theo afford a central London flat when he’s not had a job forever? Stupid"

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