Keke Palmer’s Baby Leo Reached a Special New Milestone & He Is Cuter Than Ever

It’s a big day for Keke Palmer’s baby Leodis “Leo” Andrellton! The 7-month-old just reached a new milestone that somehow makes him even cuter!

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The Big Boss star shared an update to Baby Leo’s Instagram account (run by his parents Palmer and Darius Jackson), filled with heart-melting new pictures of her baby boy — and one major update.

“I know I been away, since I last talk to you guys, I tried SOLIDS!” the post was captioned. It even revealed his favorite food: “Sweet potatoes are my favorite just like my mommy! Nom Nom!” Aww! In the first photo, Leo is wearing a number 34 Walter Payton football Jersey, smiling in a stroller. He has curly brown hair and the cutest dimples in his cheeks!

In one photo, he’s wearing a white button-down shirt with a brown bow tie that matches his brown pants. He is truly a versatile fashion king! There are also photos of him in the highchair, one of him in the bath, one being held by his dad, and one with sweet potatoes smeared all over his little mouth. It’s hard to believe how big this baby has gotten!

  • Sweet Comments

    Image Credit: Lexus Gallegos/Getty Images for H&M

    The True Jackson, VP alum commented on the post, “I love you my son!!! 😍” Many others showed their love for the little cutie, too.

    “Awwww 😍 Prince Leo over there starting to eat good good come on thru with the chunky thighs nephew 🤣🤣,” one person wrote.

    “He’s so big already 🥲😩,” another said. Someone else commented, “I have never seen a cuter baby❤️❤️😍.” So true! We just want to squish his little cheeks, he’s so adorable.


  • Breastfeeding Struggles

    Image Credit: Steve Eichner/WWD via Getty Images

    In a previous interview with PEOPLE, Palmer shared, “Although breastfeeding is ‘natural,’ it’s not instinctual.” She added that her journey with Baby Leo has been “a doozy.”

    “I really went through the journey of just trying to figure out how to do that and how to support my baby — how to deal with the pressure of trying to do that right,” Palmer added.

  • ‘Empowering’ Breastfeeding Journey

    Image Credit: Carol Lee Rose/FilmMagic

    She shared that her “difficult” feeding journey with Baby Leo was also “empowering” in an interview with Essence last month.

    “I think my breastfeeding journey was also very empowering because it was so difficult,” Palmer said. “And I wanted to give up at so many different points, but I just kept pushing myself and kept trying to figure it out.”

    She went on, “I just got this overwhelming sense that I can do anything. … There were so many things I was always trying to change before, but now, my being enough for my son has let me know that I’m enough in the world.” Preach it, girl!

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