Country star Chase Rice slammed for hosting packed concert with 4,000 fans and no masks or social distancing – The Sun

COUNTRY singer Chase Rice has been slammed for hosting a concert for 4,000 fans in Tennessee.

Many took to social media to blast the star as thousands of music lovers defied social distancing measures and did not wear face coverings.

The Lonely If You Are singer’s performance took place at Petros, Tennessee, at the Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary, a former prison-turned-event center.

It marked the first time Rice has performed in four months, after he released his new album, The Album Part 1, in January.

In some videos from the concert, shared on Rice's Instagram story, fans can be seen screaming packed tightly in the venue.

According to TMZ, the venue has a capacity of 10,000, but on Saturday about 4,000 people were allowed into the building.

Despite lowering the number of fans allowed in the area, many felt it was irresponsible to allow such an event to happen.

Taking to Twitter, people blasted the country singer, with one writing: “#ChaseRice Hosts Packed Concert in Tennessee, No Masks or Distancing via @TMZ — Way to be a hero…greedy assholes. When innocent people die, blame yourselves for spreading CoVid.”

In many of the videos hardly any of the fans appeared to be wearing masks as they sang along with Rice.

Another ranted: “WTF! As people who were at this concert get sick or get others sick or even die, this is all on #ChaseRice, his mgmt team and those that permitted this concert. How selfish, everyone’s hurting but putting people at risk to make a buck is inexcusable!”

Another slammed: “What type of self centered douche bag has a concert in the middle of COVID, with zero social distancing? @ChaseRiceMusic apparently. You and the entire state of TN should be ashamed of yourselves. #COVID #chaserice”
The venue does say on its website: “We will be observing social distancing,” but from footage taken it’s clear that it wasn’t.
Chase Rice’s concert comes after it was revealed that Tennessee is one of several states that have seen a rise in coronavirus cases in the past few weeks.
Just the day before the concert, on Friday, the state reported its highest ever recorded cases with 1,410.

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