Corrie spoiler video: Yasmeen changes her mind as she visits Stu in prison?

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Ever since she learnt Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows) was behind bars for murder, Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) in Coronation Street has remained adamant he cannot be a part of her future anymore.

Yasmeen’s view on Stu’s situation was challenged this week, after Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) paid him a visit and wondered why he’d request access to his police files if he was a guilty man.

In tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, Zeedan and a returning Alya (Sair Khan) agreed that there is a high chance Stu did not murder Charlie and decided to do something about it.

During a meeting with Adam (Sam Robertson), the siblings confirmed they’d like to pay for Stu’s records.

Adam warned Alya and Zeedan that this journey will not be an easy one. They will have to read countless bits of paper, view photos of Charlie’s dead body and in the end, they might not even conclude Stu is innocent after all.

In this new video, Alya pays a visit to Stu, who is set to be released in the coming days.

After delivering the news that she couldn’t persuade Yasmeen to go with her, Alya updates Stu on the campaign so far, revealing the penultimate tape from his investigation is currently missing.

In tape 12, Stu continues to tell the detectives he’s innocent, tape 13 is missing and in tape 14, he seemingly confirms that he is a murderer.

Stu tells Alya that he was a broken man by the end of it, the detectives wrongly had him in the interview room for hours and every time he’d fall asleep, they’d pull his chair to wake him up again.

Making a small amount of progress, Stu is given more hope when he spots Yasmeen arriving in the visiting room.

Has she had a change of heart?

Does Yasmeen believe Stu?

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