Coronation Street Sam Aston’s wife ‘groped and disrespected in TK Maxx’

Briony Aston took to her Instagram stories to detail the upsetting encounter, explaining how a man had brushed up against her and followed her around the shop.

“Yesterday in TKMaxx Rawtenstall a man completely disrespected my personal space. He walked in front of me so close I could have smelt him,” the yoga teacher began.

“I moved away and pretended to be looking at the plants on the shelf when he brushed past me from behind and something of his touched my buttock,” she continued.

“It could have been the poke of a finger or light press of a hand. I jolted away and raced to another aisle. He then followed me to various aisles in the store and kept smiling at me.”

Briony went on: “I told him, ‘You’re making me feel very uncomfortable,’ to which he replied, ‘I’m sorry,’ in the most patronising way, in a way – I believe – an innocent man wouldn’t have said.”

After brooding on the ordeal, the blonde questioned the motives of the man in question.

“Last night I went through the stages of fear, upset, anger and disbelief. Now I’m feeling curious,” she wrote.

“Curious as to why someone thinks that following and touching someone else without consent is okay. Curious if he thinks he’s got away with it. Curious if he realises how much he underestimated me.

Next Briony detailed how she had taken note of his car registration and had even filmed part of the exchange.

“Luckily I managed to record his creepy ‘apology’ on my phone and his car registration,” she said.

“I wonder if his partner or kids or friends or colleagues know what kind of person he is.

“I wonder if he knows what kind of person I am. I wonder if by some slim chance he’s reading this and if so, I hope his roots can feel my thunder.”

Briony and Sam tied the knot in May at Stock Farm, Cheshire, surrounded by their nearest and dearest.

Sam popped the question in June 2017 while hosting his golf club’s annual dinner with Aland Halsall and Andy Whyment.

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