'Cooking with Just Christine': Mykelti Padron's Cooking Decision Dismays Christine Brown

A lot has been happening in Christine Brown’s life. The Sister Wives star has been keeping herself rather busy. A big move, a lot more time with her kids, and a brand new cooking show seem to be keeping her happier than she’s been in years. Still, not everything is perfect. Her daughter, Mykelti Padron, has picked up one cooking habit that makes Christine a little teary.

Christine Brown has cooked three of her famed recipes so far 

Christine Brown doesn’t pretend to be a professional chef. The mother of six is known in the Brown family as the best cook, but she’s keeping things simple for her web-exclusive cooking show, Cooking with Just Christine. Thus far, she’s served up three of her family’s favorite recipes for TLC’s cameras. 

Mykelti’s admission didn’t sit well with Christine. The mother of six likes to keep it old school and adamantly avoids the microwave. She told Mykelti that the revelation made her “cry inside my soul.” 

Christine Brown distrusts modern kitchen appliances 

Christine’s kids didn’t inherit her distrust of modern kitchen appliances. Still, Christine’s disdain for several convenience appliances is well documented. In season 1 of Sister Wives, Christine matter-of-factly told the TLC camera crew that she didn’t own a toaster because she didn’t trust the devices. Christine opted, instead, to toast all of her bread in the oven. It was probably quicker to toast an entire loaf in the oven than wait for enough slices to pop out of the toaster for her supersized family, to be fair. 

After leaving Lehi, Utah, for life in Las Vegas, Christine shared her distaste for microwaves,too. She still appears to own one, though. Christine seems to be cooking in her kitchen for Cooking with Just Christine, and the microwave is easy to spot above the stove. How much use it gets, however, is unknown. 

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