Charlie Balducci Dies: MTV ‘True Life’ Reality Star Remembered For Wedding Day Rant Was 44

Charlie Balducci, whose 2001 wedding day outburst at a slow-moving limo driver became the most notorious moment of MTV’s reality series True Life: I’m Getting Married, died Saturday in Staten Island, New York, according to family. He was 44, and was found unresponsive in his bed.

A cause of death has not been determined.

In his infamous episode, Balducci was seen making a cellphone call to a limo driver who was late picking up the white-tuxedoed groom for his wedding to fiancee Sabrina. The irate Balducci could be heard shouting, “I will gut you like the f*cking piece of sh*t you are” and “I’ll hunt you down like f-cking cattle.”

Despite the threats, the limo arrived, though Balducci was two hours late to his wedding. The couple later had two sons, who survive their father.

Balducci went on to found a non-profit arts organization called NycArtsCypher.

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