Britney Spears' lawyer demands dad Jamie be removed as conservator 'NOW' to 'avoid more harm' he's caused in court war

BRITNEY Spears' lawyer has "claimed she wants dad Jamie removed as conservator immediately" in the family's ongoing court war.

On Thursday, the singer's new attorney Mathew Rosengart filed legal docs asking the judge to move up the hearing date to remove Jamie from late September to August, according to court documents obtained by The Sun.

In just three weeks since her lawyer, Mathew, joined her legal team, he has filed a series of motions to get Britney, 39, out of the conservatorship as soon as possible.

Mathew's most recent request demanded Judge Penny move the September 29 hearing up to August 23, 2021.

According to the docs, that date is the "soonest" available court date on the calendar.

The legal papers continue to state: "Conservatee moves for the immediate suspension of James P. Spears as Conservator and the appointment of Jason Rubin as Temporary Conservator pending the hearing presently set for September 29, 2021.”


The pop star's legal team call each day that passed with Jamie as the conservator "avoidable harm”

“Ms. Spears’s emotional health and well-being must be, and are, the paramount concern.

"Further, all interested parties forcefully agree that Mr. Spears’s continued presence as Conservator of the Estate is contrary to Ms. Spears’s best interests, health, and well-being, and that his prompt removal—or, at the very least, his immediate suspension—is “critical” at this juncture," the court papers added.

Britney's attorney's continued to argue: "For a variety of legitimate, compelling reasons in the conservatee’s best interests, the time has come for Mr. Spears’s reign to end."

The attorney also stated: "If Mr. Spears chooses to put his daughter’s well-being first and accept an outcome that does not even ask him to admit to fault, Ms. Spears can begin to have a semblance of her “life back."

"Or if Mr. Spears chooses to put his own self-interest first by opposing his ultimate removal (thereby putting himself at risk for attorneys’ fees), this Court can take that fact into account in determining whether to suspend Mr. Spears pending the outcome of that litigation."

He continued: "Indeed, there already is substantial record evidence warranting Mr. Spears’s suspension now, and should he seek to promote delay by opposing this Application, any such opposition would speak volumes.


"Good cause exists to grant this Application because Ms. Spears continues to suffer ongoing harm each day that Mr. Spears remains in place as the Conservator of the Estate—emotionally, psychologically, and financially," they concluded.

The documents also alleged that Jamie, 69, has requested $1.4 MILLION from just the course of the past several months to cover his legal fees.

Largely thanks to the #FreeBritney movement from fans all over the world, the pop princess is closer to gaining freedom from her conservatorship than ever before.

She scored a series of legal wins over the past month that started when the judge approved her hiring her own lawyer, Mathew.

Soon after he was hired, Mathew filed papers that request Britney's father be replaced as soon as possible by high-profile CPA, Jason Rubin, as conservator of her multi-million dollar estate.

A source close to the case revealed to The Sun that the “intention of hiring a third party CPA for Britney” is not just to handle her money but to “investigate her finances as well.”


"She has made millions that her attorney believes are unaccounted for and Britney doesn’t know where it went,” the insider claimed. 

The informant explained: “The opposing counsels’ team hasn't answered many questions about it either. 

“If her money was stolen or used in an unlawful manner, Jason will look into the person or persons responsible and where the money went.”

The legal expert then added that even in a conservatorship, “the conservator cannot use the conservatee's bank account like an ATM.” 

They said: “There are a lot of protocols set in place that need to be followed. 

“If those were not followed properly in this particular case, either by a family member or a business representative, that would be a criminal offense.”

The source alleged that “jail time would be on the table for whoever unlawfully handled her finances.”

If the judge does not approve today's request from Britney's team, the next court hearing on this matter will be on September 29.

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