Bradley Walsh issued warning by Anne Hegerty after x-rated jibe: ‘You’re in trouble!’

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Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to help another four quizzing amateurs get their hands on a big-money prize following their efforts on The Chase. First, they would have to try and defeat The Governess star Anne, 61, in a number of challenging rounds. However, when the final contestant went up against The Chaser, the ITV host made an x-rated joke about the quizmaster’s Page Three career, leading her to issue him a warning about his remarks.

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The moment came as journalism graduate Eleanor got ready to take on The Governess after accumulating some money during her cash-builder round.

After hearing about the contestant embarking into a career in newspapers, Anne took her seat and joked she too had an opportunity to make the headlines.

Carrying on the fictional situation, The Chaser claimed she was going to be a Page Three model but turned down the job.

Before carrying on with the game, Bradley then thought he’d make a quip about the x-rated profession and his co-star.

“Yeah and page, four, five, six…” the host remarked as the remaining contestants and studio let out a little laugh.

Anne didn’t hold back as she jokingly issued a warning to the host, telling him: “You’re going to be in trouble.”

The presenter quickly picked up where he left the game by asking contestant Eleanor whether she wanted to stick with her money or select a higher or lower offer.

After much deliberation, the youngster decided to take £1,000 away from the prize fund so she could help her team in the Final Chase.

With some lucky guesses and working on the knowledge she had, the player managed to secure a place alongside remaining quizzing amateurs Akhil and Fran.

You’re going to be in trouble

Anne Hegerty

Fran’s chance at winning some money came after the first player, Akhil, managed to secure £4,000 for the team’s jackpot.

The quizzing amateur showed she was a willing opponent for The Governess, having accumulated £6,000 during her cash-builder round.

Going into the head-to-head round, the player decided to stick with her original sum, meaning the questions she and Anne would face would be a mixture of difficulties.

There were several questions Fran wasn’t completely convinced of the answers but made a guess, all the same, to see if she would be lucky.

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However, the presenter doubted her choice of answers on a few occasions which in turn led her to issuing a warning to him as her walls began to crumble.

“You’re putting me off,” she told the host before he finally revealed the answers which confirmed she was correct after all.

Fortunately, she made it back for the Final Chase, brining the jackpot up to £10,000 before Eleanor took £1,000 away.

After Fran’s successful attempt at bringing back some cash to the jackpot, it was time for contestant Malcolm to try his luck.

It seemed to be going well when the player turned down Anne’s higher offer of £60,000 after securing £8,000 during his cash-builder round.

Unfortunately, his performance was short-lived as The Governess managed to catch him out, meaning only three of his teammates made it through to the Final Chase.

Despite accumulating 17 points, The Governess defeated the trio with more than enough time to spare, meaning the £9,000 was wiped from their prize fund.

One viewer wrote on Twitter of the result: “That was just ruthless from Anne Hegerty. By far the best chaser of the lot #TheChase.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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