Danger Mouse, Nigel Godrich Launch Station Rotation App

Brian Burton (a.k.a. Danger Mouse) and Nigel Godrich have created a new mobile app called Station Rotation, released last week in a surprise drop on the iOS App Store.

The free music discovery app allows each user and their friends to program individually curated radio stations for sharing within the app. Unlike a typical mixtape or playlist found on streaming platforms like Spotify, the stations found on Station Rotation are meant to be a social experience in real-time. Station creators choose their favorite songs, which are then played in random order for other participating users to listen to.

The station creators can also edit their own stations by adding and subtracting tracks as they please, just as a radio programmer or DJ would bring songs in and out of rotation. There is no way to skip to the next or previous song; if you want to hear something else on the app, you simply change the station.

“Now that it has been made available to the public, Station Rotation offers all listeners the chance to discover those, often revelatory, insights into some of the most creative and generally inscrutable people and their favorite songs,” Burton and Godrich said in a statement.

Station Rotation was independently funded by Burton and Godrich, who are in the process of funding an Android version of the app.

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