Biggest Love Island blunders – missing head, continuity errors and boob flashing

It's no secret; Love Island has been full of drama this year.

Since the ITV2 dating show returned this summer, we've seen heated arguments, savage dumpings and surprise recouplings rock the villa and the beautiful Islanders within it.

On Friday night's episode for example, Faye Winter and Teddy Soares got embroiled in a bitter row which saw Faye fuming at the hunk and shouting at him in front of the rest of the cast.

However, despite fans having plenty to talk about with regards to the events on the show, this year's series has also let loose some blistering editing bloopers in front of millions of viewers.

The show made a nightmare error when ITV accidentally broadcasted one of the star's naked boobs during a scene.

Eagle-eyed viewers on Twitter spotted the subtle but shocking moment which apparently made the final cut.

One viewer shared a snap of the editing gaffe with the caption: "Who's t*t?"

In the photo, Abigail Rawlings is pictured with her head wrapped in a towel as one of her fellow Islanders puts on their make-up in the mirror behind her.

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Unfortunately though, a totally bare breast pops out in the top right of the screen as the anonymous owner is only half covered by a towel.

A second fan wrote in: "Not @loveisland not checking the footage before releasing and capturing a boob slip #LoveIsland"

A third penned: "So uhhh… no ones going to mention the boob that fully popped out on camera that the producers missed?"

According to show rules, Islanders aren't allowed to be completely naked in front of each other, including when they're in the shower.

This is because the villa is a public place so the appropriate nudity rules apply as you cannot whip your clothes off in public.

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This isn't the only editing blunder to hit the show, because Kaz Kamwi seemed to magically appear on the outdoor beds in the middle of one scene.

Earlier in the show, Hugo, Liam and Aaron were chatting about the dumping of AJ and Danny immediately after the tense moment.

However, when the discussion came to an end and Liam got up to leave, Kaz appeared out of nowhere – and was seen lying in the middle of the bed.

It looked as if Kaz had been there for some time as she looked rather comfortable on the bed.

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Strangely though, she hadn't been a part of the chat or even been seen near the lads at any point during the scene.

Viewers on Twitter were left scratching their heads at the moment, with one writing: "Anyone else notice Kaz magically pop up on the bed when Liam Aaron and Hugo got up???"

A second penned: "How did the boys magic Kaz in there!!"

A third added: "guys please #LoveIslandEDIT BETTER".

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Faye Winter became the latest victim of an awkward editing mistake when her head went "missing" during one episode.

Faye has taken the limelight on the show after her tense fights with Teddy – and last night she seemed to dump the financial whizz as she told him she wanted to "continue her journey alone".

Love Island fans were stunned by the bizarre editing blooper when the stunner appeared without her head as she walked down the steps towards the pool at the villa.

The mysterious moment shot to light when the clip was shared on TikTok.

Alongside the odd moment which was played in slpw motion, a TikTok user said: "Another editing mistake love island,".

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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