Belgravia fans baffled by Tamsin Greig's character's ageless appearance despite 26 YEAR time jump

BELGRAVIA fans have been left baffled by Tamsin Greig's character's ageless appearance despite a 26 YEAR time jump.

The new period drama from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes began on ITV tonight and sees Tamsin play Anne Trenchard, a mother with a tragic secret.

The first episode began in 1815 on the eve of the Battle of Quatre Bras, with Anne, her husband James and teenage daughter Sophia attending the infamous Duchess of Richmond's Ball in Brussels.

After the drama of the ball -which was attended by almost every officer in the Duke of Wellington's army – was cut short by the call to battle Napoleon, the action soon jumped forward 26 years and to London's posh Belgravia.

Anne and James had moved up in the world and lived in the area, but were consumed by sadness following the death of Sophia.

However, some viewers were too distracted by Anne's ageless appearance to concern themselves with the couple's grief.

Taking to Twitter, viewers couldn't get over the fact Anne appeared to have barely aged a day in two and a half decades.

One wrote: "What moisturiser is Mrs Trenchard @TamsinGreig using?! Twenty-six years and she’s barely aged a day! #Belgravia."

Another tweeted: "How is it 26 years later in #Belgravia & Tamsin Greig hasn’t aged at all?! Not even a grey hair!"

A third added: "I’m confused 26 years later and Anne Trenchard doesn’t seem to have aged. #Belgravia."

They weren't the only ones to pick up on it, with another writing: "Watching #Belgravia and wondering what Mrs Trenchard (Tamsin Grieg) has been taking to not have aged a day in 26 years."

Others were full of praise for Tamsin's portrayal, with one writing: "Liking this a lot already ! Tamsin Greig is already so impressive as Mrs Trenchard."

Another added: "My love of Tamsin Greig has just soared #Belgravia."

Belgravia continues on Sunday, March 22 at 9pm on ITV. 

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