BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent orders Carol Kirkwood off with ‘have a nap’ jibe

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    BBC Breakfast took a savage turn on Tuesday morning (June 20) when Sally Nugent told her colleague Carol Kirkwood to go and '"have a nap."

    Sally and co-host Jon Kay had just been speaking about a new study done by University College London that suggested that napping could be beneficial for brain health.

    The research found that napping on a regular basis could stop the brain shrinking in later life, prompting Jon to reveal that Sally had advised him to start napping when he got his BBC Breakfast job.

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    "I tried to resist it," he admitted as Sally confirmed: "Gotta nap. It does work, doesn't it?"

    However, it turns out forecaster Carol Kirkwood also refuses to snooze in the daytime, because Jon told fans that she "resists" the activity.

    Sally branded Carol a "rebel" before telling her: "You don't nap."

    Carol replied: "I don't nap, it makes me feel sick, but now I'm thinking 'maybe that's what's gone wrong'! If it makes you look younger."

    Sally and Carol burst out laughing before Sally said: "Your brain is very healthy," with Carol saying: "Oh bless you, I don't care what anyone else thinks."

    But things seemed to turn a bit more frosty later on when Carol finished her weather report and told Sally she'd made a joke, but Sally and Jon didn't seem to understand it.

    Sally replied: "Oh were you?", with a baffled Jon adding:" What, about the weather?"

    It was then that Sally told Carol: "I think you need to go and have a nap! Carol, maybe go and have a little nap and see how you feel after."

    Of course, she was only joking and quickly added: "It's great having you here" and told Jon: "Isn't it great, having Carol here?"

    Jon confirmed: "Love it."

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